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What to Hang Above Your Stove?

The focal point of every kitchen? The stove and what’s hanging above it. Whether you’re looking for a fast fix or a major impact addition, this article will help you find some creative ways and trending tricks that will wake up any empty surface above your stove. If your kitchen is feeling bare and empty, the open space above your stove might need some art! These are my favorite tips to fill this area and complete your kitchen.


A painting is one of the most common ideas in almost any empty space above the stove.

You can play around with size depending on how much free space is available. If you have a little height, but a lot of widths you can play with a long horizon. Consider playing around size depending on how much empty space above your stove is available.

Fast option

For a fast option consider selecting one artwork or a group of three smaller ones to hang over the center of your kitchen, leaving about 20 inches above your stove to avoid bumping into it.

Photo Credits: Design Love Fest


Major Impact

For a major option get creative with a collage style arrangement. Think of abstract, modern or contemporary paintings.

Photo Credits: Design Love Fest


Mosaic Wall Art

Mosaic artworks have a way of bringing a new dimension into space while opening it up and make it seem larger. Mosaic art will anchor your kitchen when centered above the stove, making everything feel balanced.

Fast Option

Embrace the beauty of nature by hanging one large mosaic artwork with a geometric mosaic artwork for a classic appeal.

Photo Credits: Mozaico


Major Impact

Hang a statement mosaic artwork above your stove in a distinct color or shape. For an off-center twist, anchor mosaics above your backsplash instead of centered above your stove.

Photo Credits: Mozaico


Decorative Wall Art

When we say decorative wall art, one must think of hanging banners, pendants or horns. Decorative objects are the easiest way to show off your character and personality in your kitchen.

Fast Option

For a fast option, hang a petite neutral tones poster over the stove to test out whether you like this artistic addition.

Photo Credits: The Lilly Pad Cottage


Major Impact

Last but not least, for major impact above your stove think of creative horns or macramé to claim more wall space, or choose styles with highly flooded colors that pack a punch.


Do you consider trend when redesigning your kitchen? Let us know in the comment box below!

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