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Vote For Your Best Mosaic Artist Of 2016

Cover Photo: Courtesy of Jane Perkins: “The Most Popular Mosaic Artist Of 2015″

Vote For Your Best Mosaic Artist Of 2016

A little more than halfway through 2016 means one thing:  It’s already time to honor the best mosaic artist of the year! Mosaic art is constantly evolving, so it’s no surprise that 2016 brought us some of the most inventive mosaics we’ve ever seen. Partially assorted, creatively designed, thoughtfully gimmicked and sometimes even cluttered with impulsive mediums, these mosaics soon emerged as a highly developed art form. As predicted in 2015, the mosaic art community has entirely shifted to fully embracing and practically requiring a heightened level of fresh and modern!  Consequently, it’s been harder than ever to hit the top of the charts. 5 mosaicists stand out this year as they strike that elusive sweet spot where their aesthetics are committed to innovative mosaic artworks! Now we need your help choosing the best of the bunch.

Take a look to see if your favorite mosaicist made the list of the 5 most popular mosaicists in 2016, and vote for your favorite in the comment box!

Shayna Leib

In 2016 Shayna Leib’s impressive glass artworks found renewed interest, and most of her creative glass mosaics were displayed in the 42nd International Glass Invitational in Michigan this summer. The Deep Aquarium became a permanent acquisition in Hull, England, while her Wind & Water series has been acclaimed critically. Recently she set the art world abuzz with her formidable glass exhibition in Abu Dhabi, where among other artists; she had a great knowledge of glass. Her artworks are unique, thoughtful and exude exquisite splendor!


Shayna Leib


Lynne Chinn

Since her participation in SAMA Annual Conference in 2003 up until now, Lynne was spanned by her mosaics creation.  A large population of art enthusiasts attended the conference to see her artworks. In 2016, the 15th Annual Mosaic Arts International Exhibition (MAI), featured some of her most recent mosaic artworks. Lynne continues to be a major force in new media art and invigorates a new perspective of mosaic art in numerous frameworks. 

Lynne Chinn-mosaic-art

Lynne Chinn-mosaic-art

Andrew Myers

In Andrew Myers’ latest work, he uses up to 10,000 screws to create a collection of jaw-dropping portraits and conceptual illustrations. His monumental mosaic sculptures made the Pier 94 discovery this year. He also participated in Art Wynwood, Miami’s five-day International Contemporary Art Fair in winter. In addition, he demonstrated a major Solo Installation “Window on Art”, featuring some of his recent artworks.



Julie Sperling

Julie Sperling made mosaic art relevant all year long in 2016 with her creative ongoing series about climate change. She also swelled a very essential aroma to her second participation in the SAMA conference this year. Her entry, “Dialogue (The burden of the message)” won a Juror’s Choice award. She’s also been featured in solo shows at museums and galleries in Toronto, Ontario.



Augusto Esquivel

Augusto Esquivel, an ingenious contemporary artist who has transmitted a passion and philosophy of art, which extends and relates the harmony between chaos and order.  Forever in the spotlight and under the magnifying glass, in 2016, the artist appeared in several, solo exhibitions in Miami, and has been featured in several local and international publications. 



Don’t forget to vote for your favorite artist in the comment box below! 

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Julie Sperling: The Most Popular Mosaicist Of 2016



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