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5 Methods of Transforming Images to Mosaic Patterns

Today I’m not going to show you how to make a stone art mosaic with step-by-step instructions. A simple search can do this for you. In this article I intend to illustrate a swift summary on free tools to help you transform your images and patterns, into mosaic designs and patterns. At the end of the day, most mosaic designers are self-taught, and technology today is helping us take more control over our own culture. Ever since I noticed the load of information about mosaic art, I thought of comparing it to the worldwide mosaic community. Although I couldn’t find plenty, and thoroughly knew that our community is very small, but I noticed a passionate extroversion, and fervor to spread the knowledge and love of mosaic art around the globe!

• Transform an image to pattern with Making Mosaics 

According to Making Mosaics, possibilities of creating a mosaic are endless. All you need to do first is find a pattern for your project. A mosaic apprentice will find children and adult coloring books a great way to start. Outline pictures are usually detailed enough, yet very simple to convert into a mosaic artwork. Once you have found your favorite pattern, use a felt pen to outline your design. Categorize the outer lines of each section by numbers and make a copy of your pattern. Making Mosaics is also offering many printable mosaic designs and patterns for free.

Don’t forget to bookmark their Page as a greater selection of free mosaic patterns shall be undertaken with time.  

Leaf Tribal Pattern

Mosaic Pattern

Mosaic Pattern Designs

• Transform an image into an Emoji Mosaic

What better way to express ourselves than in the form of smiley or angry emojis and emoticons? Those little graphics have been affecting our daily lives in a variety of ways. They have also been used in mixed media artworks. Today’s technology is witnessing a new addictive web tool that turns any photo of your choice into a digital mosaic art. This web tool was designed and created by the New York Times’ web developer Eric Andrew Lewis. Exploring this site, will let you convert your latest selfie into a collage of hair flip girls, birthday cakes and crying cats. Also you can download a new Mobile App that turns your image into emoticon pixels by either taking a photo of yourself or choosing one from your album. Both of these tools are 100% Free and will save your image in hi-res (16 megapixels) for greater print quality.

The 3 artworks listed below were all made using Lewis’ free web tool.

Frida Kahlo Mosaic

Starry night mosaic art

Monalisa Digital Mosaic art

• Create tile mosaics with Mosaic Creator

Always wanted to create a digital tile mosaic from glass, ceramics, natural stone, quilts or paper? Mosaic Creator will make it easier for you! This supporting tool will calculate and preview your mosaic, with the numbers of digital tiles and help you preview your tile mosaic. You can also export the file list and filling matrix for free. By filling matrix I mean the CSV file, which can be optimized and printed in Ms Excel or any similar software. 

Digital Mosaic art

Digital Mosaic artwork

• Convert an image to mosaic in Illustrator

Illustrator, the mosaic of all features in Adobe Creative suite…

It’s a inventive tool for creating individual and unique designs. Clever and creative, the program is used for many purposes, one of which is mosaic designs. Want to make your illustration or design a myriad of tiny little squares like Roman mosaics? This program deserves a try, and of course buying the suite is cheaper than just buying the program flat out; which has multiple worthwhile functions, not only mosaic making. This video tutorial explains clearly how to bring the chosen effect to your design and learn more about how to create your mosaic in illustrator. 

Digital Mosaics  Marylin Monroe

Digital Mosaic art

• Convert an image to mosaic dots in Photoshop  

Last but not least, this photo effects tutorial, will demonstrate  how to turn any picture of your choice into a mosaic pattern of solid-colored dots. As you will notice, all it takes to create this mosaic effect is one of Photoshop’s filters, a layer mask and a simple custom-made pattern. It can take a bit of trial and error to match up the size of the dots with your specific image, so to keep things as flexible as possible, discover how to take advantage of Smart Objects and Smart Filters.

Photoshop Mosaic Dots

Have a mosaic story to share? Whether humorous or horrific, tell us below.

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