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Mosaic Art as a Centerpiece in Your Home

Interior design offers many wonderful solutions to homeowners that will help them create a unique living environment. Even the smallest of things like a decorative and expressive vase, for example, can redefine your space and make it more interesting. And among those solutions is certainly using a mosaic as a focal point in your home.

So, if you want to do some light decoration and still achieve amazing results, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect mosaic style for your home.

1.      Highlight your fireplace


A fireplace is more than just a functional piece of your home, but it also evokes comfortable sides of the décor. As the center of the room, your fireplace needs some special attention to express its importance to the interior design. You can use textured tiles which will elegantly highlight your fireplace while staying subtle.

Alternatively, an artistic decoration around it like fitting tiles to create certain shapes like flowers or animals is also a perfect way to make a focal point out of your fireplace. However, make sure that whatever choice you prefer, it will contribute to the rest of the décor and not usurp its balance.

2.      Enrich your bathroom

Many believe that the bathroom only needs some interesting tiles and it’s perfect. However, there is so much more you can do with this room. Choose an area of your bathroom that you want to make the centerpiece of the room and use mosaic to make it special.

Wall above the bathtub in different shades and patterns would make this area your little comfort zone to relax after a long day. An eye-catching mosaic made of small rectangular tiles in blue, orange, grey and beige will remind you of a beach and the sea while you relax in your bathtub. Delicate tile patterns in your shower, like green and beige combination, will make it look like you’re taking a shower in the lush rainforest.

3.      Flooring worthy of mansions

Tile flooring is nothing unusual in hallways, bathrooms and the kitchen but it is often neglected as the perfect space to show off your artistic side. Different geometrical shapes of the floor mosaic can draw attention to them and create the illusion of a bigger space. Usually, the mosaic would be positioned in the center of the floor, but you can use it to accentuate certain areas as well.

Create a pathway from your mosaic that will lead to the stairs from the entryway or to your living room by using a combination of different colors that naturally fit the rest of the interior design. For more attention grabbing approach, use marble stone tile to focalize your flooring plan.

4.      Revive your kitchen walls

The kitchen is usually the space we like to decorate with appliances and keep it more modern than embellished. But, you don’t need much to change the overall décor of your kitchen. Moreover, you will need some colored stone tiles for decoration and of course to choose the spot where you want to install them. Go for a flamboyant solution for the wall above the counter like blue mosaic if your kitchen is white, beige or grey since that will add layers to the place.

If you like something more discrete, then concentrate on the certain spot like above the stove and use textures rather than expressive colors. A nice background of the mosaic that is the same color as the rest of your wall can become a focal point with patterns in a darker shade.

All in all

Tiles mosaic offers a wonderful solution to highlight certain areas of your home and create a distinctive space. By deciding to create focal points in certain places you will give depth to the rooms and establish your unique décor. After all, your home’s interior design needs your personal touch in order to be complete and masterful.



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