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The Revolution of Digital Art | Mozaico

Digital world has thoroughly transformed the way in which art can be made and experienced. The techniques and mediums used to form digital artworks differ from any other type of art. However, digital art has to be created passionately and creatively similarly to any other artistic expression. The artist dives into a world where, anything and everything in his imagination can be created. 

Looking for Inspiration?

Here is a list of must see digital artworks, to blow your minds with dazzles of art!  


• Lewis Pincott

Computer Art

Kaleidoscope Digital Art

Lewis Pincott

is a Canadian artist, born in Kingston Ontario and now living in the UK. This passionate soul is influenced by nature and skies, and in his artworks we witness the blissful brightness of thunder. Lewis is always searching to weave divine threads flowing through it all, as if he was piecing together stones to form an ultimate mosaic into the metaphorical realm. His Kaleidoscopic digital artworks can leave anyone dazzled, looking into one end to find the light entering from the other end.  

Technology Artwork

•Gabriella Lteif 


Digital Illustration

Computer Art

Computer Art

Gabriella Lteif

is a young Lebanese multimedia artist, interested in different types of art from illustration to graphic design and digital art. Her creative mind and passion for art drove her to an odyssey of creations where she couldn’t avoid diving into the artistic realm. This illustrator and digital artist is influenced by her own inner journey questioning the earth and what’s beyond. The creature that you see was puzzled together just like a mosaic artwork, using different animal parts instead of tiles: with a monkey skull, rabbit ears, a seal torso, horse front legs and finally mouse back claws.   

Computer Art

•Larry Carlson

Digital Artwork

Larry Carlson

is a multimedia visionary artist. He creates through the influence of metaphysics, spirituality and music themes. His work extends into a variety of medias including photography, video art and of course digital art and animation.  Carlson is a sound and text artist too. Through his artwork, he aims to offer the observer a different way to see the world from different dimensions and perspectives. For him, people have to realize that life is magical, rich with wonders and mysteries.

Visionary Digital Art

computer artwork technology

•Mario Sanchez Nevado

Dazzling Art

Mario Sánchez Nevado

is a Spanish visual artist born in Madrid.  He is a creative freelance digital artist, art director and photographer. His digital artworks are obscure, surreal and caustic. Mario is recognized around the globe as a storyteller who switched his old typewriter into a handful palette of colors. He used to give motivational lectures and digital art workshops in several art academies in Spain.

Computer Art

Computer Artwork

•Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis Digital Art

Digital Art

Adam Martinakis

was born in 1972 in Luban , Poland and moved ten years later to Athens, Greece. He studied interior architecture and decorative and industrial design in Athens.  He started working and experimenting on computer-generated digital media. After he contributed in numerous local and international exhibitions, Martinakis started teaching digital arts design, graphics, interior design and mosaic design in many art academies.  He is influenced by metaphysics and especially the one of perceptions. 

Digital Art

•Aram Vardazaryan

Computer Art

Computer Art

Digital Artwork


was born in Armenia, in 1983.  He is a painter, conceptual artist, designer, character animator and deviant in design production and visual effects. Influenced by eternal love and its entanglements, this artist became well known for his surrealistic inspiration. He uses creative programs including 3Dmax, Photoshop, Zbrush, Corel Draw and After Effect.          


•Laurent Pierlot

Computer Art

Laurent Pierlot

was born in Valencienne, France. He became a digital director in 3d animation after he graduated in the early 2000s. His ambitious character made him set an objective, to work in an environment where he can become the best computer animator and work with the most renown CG artists in the world. Pierlot was always fascinated by and attracted to fairies and supernatural creatures, and wants to show them living in their environments. 

He uses creative programs including Maya – Photoshop – Adobe Illustrator
Digital Fusion – After Effect- Adobe Premier and Sound Forge.

Computer Art

Computer Arts

•Cameron Gray

Computer Art

Digital Art

Cameron Gray

was born in Australia. This digital artist is recognized for his cosmic scenes of the human potential. Portraying a peek through the veil, he unites the observer with his consciousness and the questioning odyssey begins. With timing so divine, this visionary artist waves dualistic portions of brightness and darkness fusing them into a state of oneness. Gray is certainly a frontrunner in the digital art revolution.       

Digital Artwork


•Louis Dyer

Digital Art

Computer Art Portrait


Louis Dyer 

is a young multimedia artist, born in the United Kingdom.  His artworks depict his journey into the altered space. He is influenced by his own lucid dreams and meditative practices. Louis is also a visual artist with expert speed painting skills offering him the opportunity to make his elusive images more concrete. His approach to art is through digital works, which have been featured in magazines and shared around the internet.

Digital Art


• Justin Totemical

Digital Artist


Digital Art

Justin Totemical

is definitely generating a dazzling revolution in the world of digital art. This electric light artist draws his inspiration from the ethereal and spiritual universe. In his artworks, there is a constant yearn for discovery and dimensional evolutions ushering a new age in the digital revolution. Justin is a spiritualist, philosopher and a definitive revolutionary artist that uses creative computer software as Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and many other creative programs.

digital artwork

Digital Artwork


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