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The Most Inspiring Women Mosaicists In 2018

Cover Photo: Olga Goulandris

Again this year to celebrate International Women’s Day on Thursday, March 8, I came up with a list of 10 of the world’s most inspiring women mosaicists in 2018. 10 selected mosaic artists from over a 100 nominees, had a great impact on almost every corner of the world this year!

Olga Goulandris

On International Women’s Day, I’m glad to start my list with Olga Goulandris, an ingenious Greek contemporary mosaic artist who channeled a passion for 2D and 3D mosaics. 2018 looks bright for her, as she promises us to appear in several solo and group exhibitions.

As most of you know, Olga’s mosaic artworks were selected in my previous article: 10 Most Inspiring Contemporary Mosaic Artists Of 2017.

Copyrighted Credits Olga Goulandris



Lynne Chinn

Again for similar reasons, Lynne, like Olga is an incredible mosaic artist. The mosaics of Lynne Chinn come from a universe full of magic, colors, and fantasy as she creates a world by her own. Lynne is one of the artists that have what it takes to shine in the mosaic art community, and she is positioned to do it this year.

Copyrighted Credits to Lynne Chinn



Julie Sperling

Julie Sperling, was one of the most inspiring contemporary mosaic artists of 2017, and an award-winning Canadian mosaicist who arouses social as well as cultural awareness in order to alter assessments and knowledge in large-scale issues, such as global warming. Sperling has also made 2018 a year filled with creativity and inspiration.

Copyrighted Credits to Julie Sperling



Rachel Sager

Rachel Sager another contemporary mosaic artist that surpasses all prospects when it comes to the quality and novelty witnessed within her mosaic projects. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, where she returned after her studies in Italy. Rachel returned to her birthplace, with a hope to make her hobby a profession. Rachel is one of a tight-knit group of mosaic artists who became associated with mosaic art to highlight the developing experience of the art form.

Copyrighted Credits to Rachel Sager



Liliana Waisman

Before becoming a successful mosaic artist in her own right, Liliana was an influential architect. She started to gain distinction after she began her career as a tutor in national and international events related to mosaic art.

Following this success,  Liliane has been the subject of numerous major exhibitions on local and international platforms.

Copyrighted Credits to Liliana Waisman

mosaic-Liliana Waisman


Marian Shapiro

Marian Shapiro, a multi-award winning Sydney-based visual artist, her mosaics are shown and collected both in Australia and internationally. Her materials and process are generally influenced by nature. In her art practice, she strives an ever-greater blending between process, content, medium and creative intent.

Copyrighted Credits to Marian Shapiro



Marie-Laure Besson

Marie Laure Besson is something of an anomaly on this list. Like a bright, visual tonal and dimension, this photo of Marie-Laure Besson’s  “Croissance” has incredibly magnetized me when it appeared in my Facebook Feed.

With a degree in fine art, the French artist elegantly balances commercial success with a practice that tackles and interacts with innovation and improvement to craft extraordinarily appealing contemporary mosaics.

Copyrighted Credits to Marie-Laure Besson



Carol Stirton-Broad

An artist whose mosaics range from figurative to evocative as her subjects are typically inspired by nature or space. Carol Stirton is an inspiring mosaic artist who has been unveiling her mosaics at several galleries and juried exhibitions.

Copyrighted Credits to Carol Stirton-Broad



Nermine ElMasry

Again this year, I’d love to feature this humble yet ambitious mosaic artist, who manifests the epitome of beauty and miscellaneous textures. Her mosaics combine unique andamento, color and form to depict many interesting organically-inspired abstract compositions!  The earthy composition and meticulous craftsmanship had attracted the attention of the jurors, who finally came to the consensus of nominating one of her most popular mosaics “The Storm” as the victor of this award!

Copyrighted Credits to Nermine Elmasry



Aida Valencia

Last but certainly not least, Aida Valencia is another beautiful mosaicist who has also been the subject of numerous major museum exhibitions, ever since her first show in 2003 “Illusion in tiny pieces Palma Azul, Tijuana, Baja California”.

Copyrighted Credits to Aida Valencia



Who would you most like to meet and wish a Happy International Women’s Day? Let her know in the comment box below!

Happy International Women’s Day! We can only wonder what’s next for all of you wonderful mosaicists!

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