14 Apr 2022

From Central Park to Liverpool – One Mosaic Art Project’s Journey

Completing a special mosaic for a customer in the UK was more interesting than we ever…Imagined. This week, we’re sharing the story of a wonderful mosaic art project commission that involves big hearts, big mosaics, a brush with some big names – and a heartwarming conclusion. The History of the
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Pool mosaic tile art
05 May 2021

Why Mosaic Tile Art for Your Pool Is Your Best Option

In case you’ve ever wondered about the diversity of the pool surfaces you see everywhere, we’re here to tell you that many different options, especially mosaic tile art, come to place when coming to a decision about what to surface a pool. It’s mainly done with either of these three
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Mozaico Pool Mosaic Dolphins
15 Mar 2021

Top 10 Pool Mosaics for a Luxurious Summer

Are pools going to open anytime soon? Will summer exist this year? Nothing is guaranteed with COVID! Surely, we can enjoy our summer on our own terms. And improving your private pools is the way to go. A lot can be done to make summer more luxurious especially if you
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30 May 2019

10 Amazing Pool Mosaic Designs

Looking to spruce up your backyard pool without spending a massive chunk of change? Feeling the urge for a fancier look or you need to tie together a theme for the summer? You can easily do this with a simple installation of pool mosaic art. Pool mosaic art range from
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15 Jun 2017

5 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Swimming Pool This Summer

A backyard swimming pool allows us to cool off on a hot summer day, and a place where creativity and inspiration transform from raw ideas into tangible and physical manifestations. As such, a swimming pool should be a space that rouses the imagination into profound creations. When decorating a swimming pool, what better way to start stirring creativity than by delving into mosaic art projects and tile art that both reflect our personalities and spur on splendor? A swimming pool renovation is a perfect time to get a new, exciting mosaic, However, if you’re not ready to do a full makeover this summer, these 5 creative ways will help you bring a different look and feel to your swimming pool!
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• How to Beautify Your Swimming Pool Around Your Swimming Pool
24 May 2015

Most Impressive Swimming Pool Designs of the Season

When the colors of nature turn into a warm inferno, we instinctively feel that summer is just around the corner! The best way to celebrate the return of summer is to take a jump into the swimming pool or go to the beach! A swimming pool on a summery day
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