27 Jul 2022

16 Unusual Ways to Install Mosaics

Updating and refreshing your home’s style is always a favorite topic here on our blog. This week, we’ll explore some of the most unusual ways to install mosaics. These ideas are taken from actual installations from Mosaico customers. We’ve been wowed by their innovative takes on incorporating mosaic art into
Ancient Mosaic Art Discovery
22 Jul 2022

Famous Lod Mosaic Returns to a New Museum Home

The Lod Mosaic has had a rather dramatic life in recent years. It’s traveled around the world, visiting destinations like the Louvre in Paris, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, as well as institutions in Italy and several
14 Jul 2022

The Webb Telescope Shows Us a Mosaic Universe

Have you been following the James Webb Space Telescope news this last week? The photo release has been one of the biggest – literally – events this year. Each photo is also – wait for it! – a mosaic. How to Build a Big Mosaic To understand that, you’ll need
03 Jul 2022

Best July 4th Traditions to Enjoy This Year

Independence Day is one of the most popular American holidays – for a lot of good reasons! It hits the sweet spot on the calendar – early summer! – and boasts some of the most appealing traditions. To celebrate Independence Day, we thought we’d bring you a very unofficial list
27 Jun 2022

Going Big With Mosaic Walls

Quickly – when you hear the words “Mosaic Walls”, what do you think? Is it a little bit of embellishment on a garden wall? An installation in a subway? A luxurious spa shower background? Or – something else?  Here’s the thing: The built-in durability of mosaic means that it can
17 Jun 2022

5 Ways How Mosaic Wall Art is Therapeutic: Save Your Life From Anger, Grief, & Trauma

Healing from a traumatic experience is a long-run journey. Difficulties are an inevitable part of life, and we can’t skip them. The world is crumbling into pieces, and stress and anxiety start to haunt us. It’s impossible to prevent every downtime in life, but it’s possible to get a new