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What’s your favorite way to preserve a memory? In the 21st Century, that question creates a wide range of answers. For some, sharing photos on Instagram has become their scrapbook. For others, an actual scrapbook keeps their souvenirs at hand. We all love our visual reminders of favorite moments! 

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It follows that purchasing and displaying mementos has been popular for a long time – centuries, in fact. The word “souvenir” was first used in 1782. Translated from the French, its literal meaning is “the act of remembering” a place or an event. And – a very personal relationship to the souvenir is what makes it precious. Our memories are intertwined with the object. When we look at it, we relive the emotions and sensations of that place and time.

Mosaic Souvenirs – Then

Back in the late 1800s, a new trend for souvenir collections emerged. Travelers on a “Grand Tour” of Europe were enthusiastic buyers of micromosaic jewelry. As described by the Antique Jewelry University, “The goal of each traveler on the Grand Tour was to soak in the culture of these cities and expose oneself to as much art and music as possible. It became incredibly fashionable to pick up mementos or souvenirs from these lengthy trips.”

Popular subjects? Ancient Roman ruins, Old Master paintings, and local landscapes, with flowers, birds, and wildlife.​​

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They were tiny masterpieces, created with painstaking care. The mosaicist used tweezers to apply hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tiny tesserae to create incredibly detailed and beautiful scenes. 

Glass mosaic tessera provided the foundation of these pieces, which were created in special artisan workshops. Visiting these storefronts in Rome and Florence became a part of the Grand Tourist’s trip, where purchases included brooches, snuff boxes, and more. As seen below, the workmanship is exquisite.

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Image Source: Sotheby’s

Mosaic Souvenirs – Now

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Sadly, the idea of preserving fond memories in a piece of handcrafted mosaic fell out of favor at the beginning of the 20th century. If you’re looking to find a piece like the snuffbox above, you might fork out up to $170,000 at an auction. However, we’re not here to share that sad news. The reality is that you can still create your own meaningful, customized souvenir with modern mosaic art!

So, how does that work? There are so many ways to create this kind of long-lasting memento. With high-quality photos always available to us on our phones, we’re able to document all kinds of moments, locations, and occasions at any time. Take a look at your phone right now, and you’re likely to have hundreds, if not thousands of images stored there. The same goes for your favorite digital camera.

You may have enjoyed some of the mosaic art designs we’ve featured in previous blogs and on our website. For example, we have thousands of beautiful landscapes in our Scenery category alone. But – what if you could use your own photographs to create a custom mosaic art piece?

Bring The Wildness Home

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What if your travels included a photo safari? Imagine adding your favorite image to your wall with mosaic art in custom sizes. 

The incredible capture you made at the zoo? Stop using it as your phone background, and add it to a garden wall or bathroom!

Image Source : Mozaico Images

The next time you capture wildlife on your camera, don’t just share the photos on Instagram or Facebook. Dream bigger, and add to your home’s beauty with a durable, weather-resistant piece of mosaic wall art.

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Picture-Perfect views

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It’s hard to leave our favorite places behind. Generally, we pick our travel destinations for their beauty. However, the sheer scale and impact of seeing beautiful views in person don’t always come through in photos. Mosaic wall art can bring the memory back in a lifelike way – from big-city drama to grassy country sides.

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Our craftsmen can create a perfectly cropped version of the place where you spent your honeymoon.

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Or, the best vacation in memory can always stay with you, as outdoor wall art. Best view ever!

Image Source : Mozaico Get Inspired

Special Moments

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Sometimes, we sit on an incredible photo image – not realizing the possibilities. The emotions it evokes are still strong, but we keep them hidden away on a hard drive, or tucked into a drawer. These photos can become gorgeous accents, such as tabletops, shower walls, and more.

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Our team can help you transform a once-in-a-lifetime memory into a custom sign, floor art, or bar backsplash.

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Perfect Details

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If you’re like us, you find yourself snapping photos of little details while on holiday. Intricate tile patterns on a floor, an incredible medallion on a wall, or a stunning fresco in a museum. Normally, this is the end of it – something you might save on a Pinterest board as inspiration.

What if you could recreate those details in your own home? With mosaic, you can! The bathroom tile from your Tuscan villa vacation last year? Add it to your own space!

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Did you fall in love with the intricate woven carpet you saw in Morocco? It can be reproduced in tile!

Image Source : Mozaico Images

We can even work with the map you used during your favorite trip to the beach. The final design is totally dictated by you!

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Souvenirs can be much more practical, durable, and versatile than you could ever imagine – just contact us to talk about your ideas! To ensure your happiness, we provide complimentary art proofs to help you visualize your creation before it’s set in stone. Last but not least – our commitment to quality, handset mosaic art means your artwork comes with a lifetime warranty and free shipping.

Mozaico will create custom art from any image you provide. You can further customize your mosaic by deciding what materials and colors will make up your artwork.



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