27 Oct 2021

10 Must-See Mosaic Art Installations in Austin, Texas

Add Austin, Texas to your list of mosaic wall art-viewing destinations! The capital of the Lone Star State is known for a lot of things: The SXSW Festival, Austin City Limits, and a legendary college campus. But, as we recently mentioned in our mosaic portraits piece – it’s also the
20 Oct 2021

Mosaic Portraits-New Works To Inspire You

The use of mosaic for portraits is not new – we’ve featured some wonderful – and ancient! – examples of the art form here in our blog. This week, we’re spotlighting some recent works, created by contemporary artists. Using unconventional items, locations, and shapes, these pieces honor their subjects in
13 Oct 2021

Top 8 Reasons Mosaic Tiles Belong in Your Home

Mosaic tiles are practical, reliable, and one of the best additions to your home. Don’t limit yourself to thinking about them for just backsplashes – mosaic art is perfect for bathroom floors, pools, showers, kitchens, and so much more! Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll love mosaic
06 Oct 2021

Tessellation-The Art of Repeating Patterns

You may be looking at a tessellated pattern right now, and not realize it! Although it’s not a term you hear every day, tessellation is a key component of art and decoration. Simply defined, it’s a repeated geometric shape that covers a surface. The name comes from something we hold
29 Sep 2021

Ten Modern Looks Inspired by Art Paris 2021

The Art Paris 2021 event was a hard one to miss. If you’ve missed out on travelling to museum and art gallery visits in the last year, this huge show might have caused little tears over your passport. Just closing on September 12, it featured 140 galleries from over twenty
22 Sep 2021

20 Subway Stops you’ll wish you had on your daily commute

You might not associate public transportation with art – but metro systems around the world are filled with mosaic art displays. Each of these amazing subway stops has a beautiful art installation that will make you wish you had them on your morning commute! Let’s take a trip around the

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