27 Jan 2022

Our 10 Best Mosaic Portraits From 2021 Will Inspire You!

The process of ordering a loved one’s portrait can be nerve-wracking. What medium? What artist? How do you know your money is well-spent? As you might expect, we’re going to talk about the way mosaic portraits are a top contender for celebrating or remembering someone. Maybe you’re still associating mosaic
20 Jan 2022

18 Mosaic Garden Art Ideas You’ll Love

Winter is a hard time for gardeners. While we wait for Spring to arrive, we stare at our bare gardens, feeling the absence of color, look despairingly at blank walls, and dream. Well, snap out of it! This is the perfect time of the year to decide on how to
14 Jan 2022

Mosaic Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Creating a memorable Valentine’s Day with a mosaic gift will cement your Super Sweetheart Status! Puns aside, we have combed through our catalog to find outstanding mosaic ideas that will celebrate your relationship. Did you know that Valentine’s Day has a history that extends back to the 1500s? That’s right,
07 Jan 2022

Airport or Art Museum? These Travel Hubs Dazzle the Senses!

Recent headlines that mention airports have not been exactly positive. With canceled and delayed flights, long lines, and missed holidays, airports need a little bit of good news. We’re here to help! This week, we’ll introduce you to some great art that you might just roll by, if you’re not
29 Dec 2021

Mozaico’s Top Ten Designs in 2021

Mozaico is always working hard to provide the best mosaic wall art projects out there. Our team includes designers, artists, and others who are passionate about what’s new and what’s trending. Every year, we create scores of new pieces, with some hints of what will be our best sellers.  Still,
23 Dec 2021

Color Predictions and Mosaic Inspiration for 2022

Getting ahead of the 2022 interior design trends doesn’t have to rely on guesswork! Looking at the new colors major paint brands are rolling out, as well as what’s been selling well in 2021 can give big insights. On the other hand – who has the extra time to do

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