20 Aug 2021

How To Transform any Space With Scenic Mosaics

This week, we’re here to tell you about the easiest way to visit the world’s scenic spots! Even better – you can stay home, enjoy the best views, and invite your friends and family to visit with you. Mosaic wall art is perfect for adding a scenic landscape to any
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13 Aug 2021

15 Mosaic Tile Art Ideas to Inspire Your Design Dreams

Sometimes, the best ideas for decorating a space are the easiest. Mosaic tile, a popular decorative art for thousands of years, is wildly versatile, requires little maintenance, and provides dazzling effects on practically any surface. Call it design paralysis after a year cooped up inside, but there’s a common feeling
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07 Jul 2021

Are Mosaic Floors Slippery?

Mosaic designs are an inspired choice for floors – and one that may not occur to you as you style your home. Durable, non-fading, and luxurious, mosaic art has infinite options. It’s also practical! Our customers are sometimes curious about how well our mosaics will perform on their floors –
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11 Jun 2021

Mosaic Ideas to Make the Most Out of the Summer at Home

Thinking of spending more time at home this summer? You’re not alone – with changing information and a newfound love for home comforts, more Americans than ever are staying put this year. With home renovations at an all-time high, you may have been hard at creating the home you’ve always
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mosaic garden art
02 Jun 2021

Get Your Garden Summer Ready! Styling with Mosaic Garden Art

A garden is the natural capacity of its household; It’s the place where outside anxiety disappears, and our inner tranquility flourishes. Often spicing up your garden with mosaic garden art completes the whole look! The color green is the most dominant color in an outdoor space — being the color of trees,
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Mosaic Art at Hisham's Palace
28 Apr 2021

The Mosaics of Hisham’s Palace — One of The Finest Representations of Islamic Art

Hisham’s palace, also known as Khirbat Al-Mafjar, is one fascinating archaeological home to some of the most prestigious and breathtaking mosaics in the world. This palace returns to the 8th century, back to the Umayyad times. It was named after Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, the 10th Umayyad caliph, who ruled
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