17 Mar 2022

Art Therapy – Good for Everyone!

Creating art is for everyone – and it turns out that it’s also good for us, too! If you’ve read much about art therapy, you’re probably familiar with the benefits. It can help anyone, of any age, who’s in recovery, healing from grief or trauma, or experiencing profound life changes.
10 Mar 2022

Semi-Precious Stones in Mosaic Art

Modern mosaic artwork has become a playground for artists. Using items that range from old CDs to natural objects, they’ve pushed boundaries. We’re taking a look at more materials from the other end of the spectrum: Semi-Precious Stones.  Mosaicists have incorporated gemstones into their work for centuries, providing for a
04 Mar 2022

Natural Stone versus Engineered Stone – What’s the Difference?

Choosing materials for your next countertop, kitchen backsplash, or another surface? Feeling a little confused about the differences between natural stones such as marble – versus engineered stone/engineered quartz? You’re not alone! It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the information that’s out there. Although natural stones, like the marble we
25 Feb 2022

Found! Largest Roman mosaic in decades unearthed in London

Finding an 1,800-year-old Roman floor mosaic in the shadow of London’s most modern-looking skyscraper? Just another day’s work for the archaeologists from the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA).  The area they were exploring –  formerly a parking lot – is located in a well-known area of the city. The site
10 Feb 2022

Mermaid Design Ideas to Inspire

Mermaids! From Weeki Wachee to Ariel, Sirens to Selkies: They’re famously compelling and inspirational. If you need any proof beyond legend and popular culture about the way they’ve swum their way into our collective consciousness, just look at your next Starbucks Coffee cup. A mermaid design has graced their logo
03 Feb 2022

Maximize Your Home’s Resale Value With Mosaic Artwork

With home sales and prices going through the roof, there’s a lot of us thinking about buying and selling real estate. Whether you’re waiting it out, or ready to jump into a hot market now, resale values are first and foremost in your plans.  Fortunately, an uptick in home remodeling

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