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10 Sep 2015

Ed Chapman: Mosaic Artworks From a Closer Perspective

We had the honor to hold an interview with the legendary mosaicist Ed Chapman! Meet the artist who has fascinated many and who is part of the new modern #mosaic era! Ed Chapman has been a professional artist since 2001 working in mosaic, winning awards for innovation along the way. He has undertaken numerous commissions and projects for such as Fender Music, Ed Chapman has been a professional artist since 2001 working in mosaic, winning awards for innovation along the way. He has undertaken numerous commissions and projects for such as Fender Music, the Sony Corporation, Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks, Manchester City FC, Eidos Games, Cadbury’s, MoreThan Insurance, Cancer Research, Oxfam, Galt Toys and UK Revolution Bars. Interviewed by Chantal Menhem-2015
09 Sep 2015

Unique Mosaic Wall art Ideas for your Home

Mosaic art can be very versatile, in the past, royalties decorated palaces with amazing mosaics and today, mosaic patterns incorporate mosaics in order to make living spaces more luxurious. Mosaics can be added in lieu of other artworks and it can be used to add depth, character, and mood to different parts of the home. You can add mosaics in the living room in order to create a cozty atmosphere, a simple mosaic in the bathroom to make it more relaxing, or a colorful mosaic in the bar in order to make it look fun and exciting.
31 Aug 2015

Are Trending Glass Mosaic or Marble Tiles Actually Ideal for Your Project?

With no shortage of tile selections out there within the interior design industry, it can seem impossible to choose the best option for your decorating needs. But with a little bit of knowledge about two of the most stunning options, you’ll be that much closer to completing your project with the pleasing aesthetics and high quality design. As you discover the advantages of both glass and marble tiles, you’ll be able to determine which one best fits your needs.
27 Aug 2015

Wondering How to Pick the Perfect Mosaic Tile Pattern?

Looking for a mosaic tile pattern? Are you curious about the latest mosaic tile trends? Wondering how to choose the right design for your project? Perfection is a desire that many of us attempt to achieve at some point in life! Like an exhausted desert tourist, his thirst for the waters of the illusory oasis, makes him estimate a smother thirst for splendor. However, some of us prefer the easy steps of choice, following a random stab in the dark. “Let’s flip a coin” we say, the choice is getting harder, all of these mosaic patterns are beautiful! What we don’t realize is that our choice not to make a decision is a decision in itself. In this article I’ll help you discover how to pick the perfect mosaic tile pattern!
Abstract Mosaic Designs
20 Aug 2015

Abstract Mosaic Designs: Visual Sounds Of Color and Shape

Is abstract art just an excuse to be a bad artist? Why do you think some people like it and others don’t appreciate it? What is abstract art, and how one can appreciate it? Did you know that art enthusiasts are willing to spend millions on abstract artworks? Why do auctioneers and bidders appraise and evaluate artworks? Is there a strategy behind this? In this article you will discover what abstract art is really about and how to contemplate this art movement! You will also discover why do auctioneers and bidders evaluate abstract artworks.
impressionism artwork
14 Aug 2015

Impressionist Mosaics: Portraying a Perceptual Impression

Looking for new ways to understand artworks? Have you explored Impressionism? Unlike traditional mosaics relying on accurate lines and details, impressionist mosaics are created with natural flaws. Mosaic Impressionism is archetypal to impressionist painting techniques. Paintings are usually made with small strokes of pure colors. While impressionist mosaics are made with scientific studies of color to manifest the effects of light in nature. In this article you will discover what Impressionism is really about and how to understand this art movement!

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