10 Jun 2022

Glass Mosaic Art

Mosaic art in public spaces has become a steady source of innovative artwork. Recently, a variety of large-scale glass mosaic art pieces were unveiled in New York City – each different, each inspiring for mosaic artists everywhere. Here’s a preview of the must-visit installations, each showcasing the glow, shine, and
02 Jun 2022

How to Cut Stone Mosaic Tiles Into Shapes

Once you’ve learned some basic mosaic art skills, a whole new level of appreciation appears. You look at mosaic wall art and tiles differently. Rather than just admiring a beautiful piece of mosaic on display, you notice how it was put together. One key element that stands out is the
26 May 2022

Memorial Day – How To Celebrate

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us – this long weekend is a truly American holiday. Always scheduled on the last Monday of May, this federal holiday is widely celebrated. Whether you’re scoping out sales, cooking out, or relaxing by the pool is up to you. But – let’s take a
20 May 2022

Mosaic Flower Pots Are An Easy Craft

Looking for a way to spice up your garden? Mosaic art flower pots and planters allow you to decorate your outdoor spaces with color and texture. This is the perfect time of the year to create usable art that nurtures your plants. We’ve found some inspiration for easy weekend craft
13 May 2022

Preserve Memories With Mosaic Art Souvenirs

What’s your favorite way to preserve a memory? In the 21st Century, that question creates a wide range of answers. For some, sharing photos on Instagram has become their scrapbook. For others, an actual scrapbook keeps their souvenirs at hand. We all love our visual reminders of favorite moments!  It
06 May 2022

Every Life Has Its Own Mosaic

We’re always thinking about mosaic art as we research our blog topics. Our love of all types of mosaic news keeps our brains busy! It’s also a font of inspiration for writers, philosophers, and other deep thinkers. For example, Mozaico is known for its detailed custom work and lifelike mosaic

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