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Mosaic tile art fireplace
13 Aug 2020

Magnificent Fireplace Mosaic Designs

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, congratulations! This particular home feature is a perfect focal point, as well as a cozy companion in colder months. It’s also easy to showcase with one of our magnificent fireplace mosaic designs. Since the key to decorating any room
mosaic decor
06 Aug 2020

The Newest Spa Mosaic Decor Trends: How to Design and Accessorize

Dreaming about a spa getaway, but 2020 has grounded your travel plans? We’ve rounded up the latest in spa decor trends so that you can bring that pampered and rejuvenated feeling home.  The best bathroom style trends often start with spas and resorts and then make their way into home
29 Jul 2020

Mosaic Rugs Tile: A Beautiful Addition to Your Space

Image Source: Mozaico Mosaic art is one of the best decorating elements you can add to your home. Not only does it add value, it can work anywhere – indoors or outdoors. Each piece of mosaic tile art we make is tough, waterproof, and can work on nearly any type
22 Jul 2020

Mermaid Mosaics That’ll Leave You in Awe

In the middle of a hot summer, it’s refreshing to think about anything aquatic. What could be better than visualizing the world from deep in the ocean by taking a look at mermaids? Let’s treat ourselves to a dip into the salty sea and cool off with some myth and
15 Jul 2020

How To Incorporate Mosaic Tile Art At Home

The best thing about mosaic tile art is that they look exotic – many people associate them with rustic Spanish homes and charming Moroccan courtyards.  However, the sheer versatility of these decorative elements means that they can (and are) used in many styles of contemporary interior design. Whether you go
mosaic art
09 Jul 2020

The Various Grouting & Polishing Techniques in Mosaic Art

Image source: Mozaico We hope everyone is still working on their mosaic art interests and building their skills this summer! Recently, we’ve covered a variety of DIY mosaic art projects, as well as the basics of working on your own handmade mosaic pieces. This week, we’ll talk some more about

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