Our 10 Best Mosaic Portraits From 2021 Will Inspire You!

The process of ordering a loved one’s portrait can be nerve-wracking. What medium? What artist? How do you know your money is well-spent? As you might expect, we’re going to talk about the way mosaic portraits are a top contender for celebrating or remembering someone.

Maybe you’re still associating mosaic art with big pieces of tile and bright colors? Today’s fine mosaic pieces are sophisticated and can have incredible detail. Thousands of individual tiles (or tessera) can go into a mosaic design. The palette is practically infinite, thanks to colored glass, stone, and marble. And, the placement of each of these tiny tesserae can create shapes, patterns, and movement that highlight the art with lifelike results. The textures that are part of every mosaic design help create stunning works of art.

Stunning custom pieces are a hallmark of the Mozaico offerings. In addition to our regular range of fine mosaic wall art, our design team works with customers to recreate all sorts of one-off items. Working from sketches and photos, our artisans have created everything from wall-size scenes to highly personal mosaic portraits

The latter, our custom portraits, have become extremely popular with customers. Used in a variety of settings, they can be installed anywhere. Unlike other types of art, mosaic tile is weatherproof, waterproof, chemical resistant, and can withstand extreme heat. What this means for anyone considering a mosaic portrait: Versatility. Mosaic art is the only form of art that can be used easily outside or in wet environments while maintaining its vibrant colors and quality.

Practical applications are garden art, memorials, commemorative mosaics, wall art, and much more. Mosaic art can also be framed
We had an exceptional year of creating custom mosaic portraits in 2021, and we wanted to share some of our favorite pieces. Each conveys a different mood, but there’s an overall warmth present – something that only the tactile quality of mosaic tiles can supply. These mosaic art ideas will inspire you!

1. Smiling Little Girl – Amazing Mosaic Art

Here’s the eye-catching proof that photos convert beautifully to mosaic art designs! A casual snapshot of a carefree moment has a great composition. Here, the handset tiles add a whole new dimension. Details like the waves in the young woman’s hair, the embroidered bands on her pile of hats, and even her piercing blue eyes are all brought to life.

2. Father and Child – Mosaic Art

This charming shot of father and son was captured on a sunny outdoor day – and the mosaic portrait gives the viewer a sense that they were right there! On-point color matches are a specialty of our design team, which can work with a huge range of raw materials to achieve realistic results. Textures of leaves, fabric creases, and even rosy baby cheeks are all present in this piece.

3. Customized Portrait – Mosaic Woman

An affectionate portrait of a loved one was the inspiration for this softly-hued portrayal. Skin tones are especially suited for the warmth of stone and marble shades our artisans have at hand. A direct gaze, curly hair, and a memorable smile are just some of the qualities of the subject that were captured. Mosaic tile is wonderful for creating depth and color shading.

4. Happy Child – Marble Mosaic Design

No ordinary medium would do this joyful portrait justice! The details are so important here: Every Easter egg, every brick, and every tree receives the same treatment – with handset mosaic tiles capturing the fine points. The fuzziness of a jacket, the glint of a medal, and of course the subject’s gleeful grin are so real you might want to touch them. The lovely thing about mosaic art is that you can touch it – it’s a carefree addition to any display! 

5. Beautiful Woman – Mosaic Designs

Here’s another great example of an informal photograph turned into a gorgeous custom mosaic piece. Although it’s deceptively simple-looking, the background of the photo is quite elaborate, with a lot of architectural details. They help frame the lovely subject, while providing an important sense of place. While a painting might reduce these kinds of precise features to a blur, our talented designers can leave them in place. The result is a meaningful mosaic portrait that captures the sunlight and mood of the day.

6. Flower Child – Portrait Mosaic

If you’re in doubt of how materials like stone, glass, and marble can capture the tenderness of girlhood – consider this mosaic portrait. Using mosaic tessera to capture the actual folds, movement, and stitching of this young lady’s white dress is an inspired choice. Meanwhile, her creamy complexion and flower crown are also recreated in marble. The delicacy of flower petals and the young features of this little flower girl receive the same delicate touch. 

7. Smiling Portrait – Mosaic Woman

A smile that can light up a room deserves a mosaic portrait that illuminates its owner! This luminous portrayal is a great example of the shading effects and fine details that are created with mosaic tiles. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that ancient Roman mosaic wall art is still so compelling – there’s a lifelike quality that only stone and marble can provide. The subject’s inner and outer glow is brought forth in this design.

8. Couple in Love – Mosaic Artwork

Have moments that you wish could be frozen in time? Mosaic art can make it happen! The happiness and intimacy of this couple’s portrait have been set in stone, creating a memorable scene. The natural sheen of mosaic tiles works so well with sunlight and outdoor photos. In addition to the patterns used to accent happy smiles and carefree hairstyles, there’s also a realistic blue sky in the background. 

9. Mosaic Portrait – Artwork

The advantage of working with a talented design team – like we have here at Mozaico – is that a photo can be adapted for a cleaner image. As you can see in the original photo, the subject was surrounded by some distracting background details. However, our artists were able to focus on the one person who mattered – editing the design down to the important components. The result is a warm depiction with all the points of a pretty blouse, a soft expression, and tousled hair still intact.

10. Old Woman – Marble Mosaic Art

Don’t be discouraged by having only older, faded photos for your mosaic portrait inspiration. Although the portrayal will remain true to the subject, our team can recreate the image in fresh, crisp colors, with a new feel. The wonderful photo contained some vivid colors that had lost their saturation. The new portrait feels lifelike – with the restored colors of tropical flowers, the deep blue of a dress, and attention to each strand of hair and character line. Need an improvement on your favorite photo of a loved one? Get in touch with our designers, who excel in all facets of these custom mosaic works.

If you’ve been thinking about preserving a favorite memory with a stunning mosaic portrait, our process is simple! Simply contact us to start the process. We’ll consult with you to help you with your decisions on what materials make up your artwork (stone, marble, or glass), and provide you with complimentary art proofs to help you visualize your creation before it’s set in stone.

For more amazing mosaic inspiration, make sure to check out our website we’ve got more than 7000+ designs to choose from!



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