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Closer to Mother Earth With Nature-Inspired Mosaic Decor

This year Mother’s Day falls on May 14, and as the countdown begins, many of us will be celebrating the extraordinary persons who have supported us to become who we are today – our mothers. But one must not forget Mother Earth, the one who cherishes us all.As we’re not quite over this often-forgotten holiday, let’s get a step closer to our mothers with nature-inspired mosaics that will sustain and foster several more Mother’s Days and memories to come!

These are some mosaic decor ideas that will make you unleash your inner designer by taking inspiration from mother earth:

• The “Au Naturel Motif”

Au Naturel Motif will give you a whole lot to look forward to. Integrating elements from the outdoors into your home will make all your style sensibilities sing. Natural stones mosaic, cork accessories and of course plenty of organic elements in pastel-toned color palettes will bring interest and freshness to your space.

Mosaic décor is definitely taking hold of our interiors, while all artificial elements are retiring. As it has a huge potential to bring the natural motif to your home.




• The “Modern Pastoral Impression”

The most important aspect of the “Modern Pastoral” home décor style is creating a space that feels like a haven. This style is about embracing the soothing lifestyle of country living, even in urban surroundings. Taking its main influence from nature, to help you create the most tranquil space possible. Geometry is the main focal point for the design aspects ( like colors, patterns, and textures) in pastoral style.




• The “Monochromatic Appeal”

A fusion of color in home décor is wonderful, but so is the “Monochromatic Appeal”. With this style, you can get away with a medley of patterns and style. Modern, tradition or contemporary, it all works when your palette is limited to the degradation and contrast of a single color. The featured images are great examples of how cheering and stylish a monochromatic décor is. Mosaic décor will give the monochromatic home décor a much-needed accent.  Think wooden and metallic accents to make it less effervescent!

The featured images are great examples of how cheering and stylish a monochromatic décor can be. Mosaic decor will give the monochromatic home décor a much-needed accent.  Think wooden and metallic accents to make it less effervescent!




• Mix and Match

Last but not least, the “Mix and Match” style trend will create a dynamic and interesting interior. Nonetheless, going overboard will create confusion. To prevent this from happening, seek some ground where colors, textures, styles and patterns find a way to get along.

Keep the scale of all your décor in the same melody. Mix and match, but make sure to craft the balance by selecting ornaments with equal consistency. If you a have a modern couch but want to add in a more traditional vibe, choose a traditional ornament like a mosaic artwork or oil painting of the same shade, and vice versa.

Below, for example, the pastel colored ornaments couldn’t be any more different, but the consistency makes the combination work.




Photos Credits: Doris Leslie Blau

Mosaic Art Credits: Mozaico Art

I’d love to see photos of your Mother’s Day celebrations, select your best photos and tag @mozaico on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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