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Mozaico’s Top 10 2016 Mosaic Art

Mozaico has successfully delivered a plentitude of remarkable works of art this year. They have entered homes, inspired smiles, and spread recreational delight. They brought monotone spaces to life and transformed the dull into the surreal. However, we cannot share all of our creations. Doing so would take an infinite amount of time; a luxury that no human possesses. Therefore, let’s take a look at the top ten mosaic art pieces that made this year so special for our art enthusiasts.

Tree Of Life Mosaic

mosaic art

It is no secret that this tree is popular in several religions and cultural-philosophical traditions. It is sometimes referred to as a sacred tree, world tree, cosmic tree, or tree of knowledge. However, each name can bear different meanings. Sometimes, even the same name can entail totally different concepts when taking into account several cultures. For instance, in Chinese mythology, the tree of life symbolizes a phoenix and a dragon, whereas in Christianity it depicts humanity free from corruption. No wonder it is one of our best sellers!

Landscape Natural Scene Mosaic

mosaic art

Tuscany, a region in central Italy, is renowned for its beautiful landscape, unique artistic legacy, and traditions. It is also regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. This splendid handmade mosaic art is a perfect representation of a Tuscan Village using vibrant shades and hues. Many of our customers have chosen to display this piece of art on the walls of their kitchen. Some even used it as a decorative backsplash.

Bright Anchor Marble Mosaic

mosaic art

Individuals who want to ornament their bathrooms, spas, or swimming pools, found this hand-cut mosaic art, a great asset to do so. In some cases, it had been used to decorate the walls of yachts or other similar vessels. With its watery blue background and an anchor centered right in the middle, it can fuse splendidly with its respective surrounding.

Versace Logo Mosaic

mosaic art

Any fashionista would adore having this mosaic art. They can bring colors and patterns to tabletops and to floors. This work of art was mostly used to decorate boutique and clothes shops. Due to the flamboyant nature and patterns it possesses, it gave such spaces a luxurious impression.

Rectangular Rug Mosaic

mosaic art

For those that want to deliver a design to their floors, without having to use an actual rug or carpet, this marble-made mosaic art is perfect. It can also serve as a kitchen’s backsplash. Using symmetrical designs and a combination of taupe, burgundy, gold, black and beige, customers got lavish in their decorations.

Window View Mosaic 

mosaic art

There is a really good reason why this mosaic art was placed in the top 10 list. The color blend is just simply amazing. Whether it was placed in the living room, kitchen or somewhere else, it brought nothing but sheer beauty. Many of our customers’ guests were enchanted by this piece. It gave the home-owners the right confidence to host dinner parties and other gatherings.

“Birth Of Venus” Mosaic

mosaic art

It is a famous mosaic art reproduction, of Sandro Botticelli’s painting. It depicts nude Venus which represents divine love. Being part of our historical mosaic art collection, it won the spotlight of being 2016’s most cherished pick in that category.

Ocean And Waves Mosaic

mosaic art

Bringing a wish-washy appeal to any space, this hand-crafted mosaic was ideally used for swimming pool, spa, and bathroom decorations. The blue and cyan colors can mimic an illusion of actual water dripping from the wall.

Opened Window Mosaic

mosaic art

Some people preferred a still calm ocean than having waves on their walls. For those who enjoy tranquility, this mosaic art was the perfect pick. Pale and dark hues were used to caress the scene and make it pleasantly enjoyable.

Realms of Beauty Mosaic

mosaic art

Last but not least, this reproduction of Felix Mas’s Realms of Beauty was handpicked by our devoted customers. Using a nautical theme, the mosaic art was assembled. It added a magical touch to their swimming pools. People felt that they were actually swimming with live fish and a beautiful mermaid.

We would like to apologize if your favorite mosaic wasn’t listed.

Mozaico is truly interested in your most preferred work of art.

So please let us know which one in the comment section below, to finally bid farewell this remarkable year.



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