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Mozaico features on CNN’s widely-viewed Traders show

Last week Mozaico’s co-functional and art-filled halls were graced by none other than the world’s most frequently viewed news network.

CNN had come around after handpicking the business, to compile exclusive footage to feature on an episode of their widely viewed Traders TV and online program.

Half a day spent on Mozaico’s co-functional art vicinity amounted to an engaging discussion with GM Chady Tawil on the ins and outs of the delicate art trade he runs. Q&A was exchanged on what it takes to forge a highly competitive mosaic business from the ground up.

GM Chady touches on marketing methods he has put into effect while boosting the e-commerce business towards clientele in the USA, while also standing up to the many challenges he faces back home, in a region beset by instability.

The interview, which was cast on-site at Mozaico‘s Beirut subsidiary, includes a tour of the mosaic workshop while it is in action. It was aired on April 25th, serving as first-hand testimony to the what, where and how that has made the fast-growing business a pin on the map in Naperville, Illinois.

Through anecdotes on his experience and personal reflections on his direct hand in both setting up and running the business, GM Chady Tawil intimates valuable business acumen towards a widely varying clientele base that he caters to in the US and on a global scale.

He also gives the stage to the vast array of mosaic services and designs that Mozaico has to offer all over the world.

Click here to enjoy the full capture.



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