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Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving

Some of you may recall a previous article featuring Mozaico tiles where my entryway was taken from drab to glam. Today I am sharing with you my latest mosaic tile DIY project. An old outdated bathroom cabinet transformed into a gorgeous floor shelving unit.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Before and After Pinterest Share Image

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article between Fashion Beyond Forty and Mozaico Art. I only write about brands I love and trust. All opinions in this article are from my personal experience. 

The Backstory Of My Mosaic Tile DIY Project:

My mother redecorated her bathroom last year.

This was the medicine cabinet that came off of her wall.

My mother had no use for it and asked if I would like to have it.

Of course, I knew I could create something amazing with it so I took it.

This could have been easily transformed into a cottage or shabby chic look but that is not my decor aesthetic.

My home decor is an infusion of rustic country and worldly eclectic so I went toward that direction.

I have been holding onto this cabinet for months knowing eventually I would get around to doing something with it.

My home is lacking when it comes to places to hang shelving.

I knew I would be using it as some sort of floor shelving unit.

Another thing I knew was where I wanted it to be placed in my home.

What I was not sure of was what exactly I would do with it.

That brings me to my next point:

DIY Mosaic Tile Inspiration:

Not all DIY projects start from a complete concept.

We may find that perfect item to refurbish.

It may be an item that fits perfectly into an empty space.

Yet we may lack the exact direction we will take with it.

It’s a step by step process.

Every step in this project was taken one at a time.

I had no idea where I was going with step two until I figured out step one.

My advice is to just find one element you know you want to change and begin there.

For me, it was the color of the unit and the door pulls.

The silver pulls were far too modern for me so I picked up these while shopping for a different project.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving New Door Pulls Close Up. Knotted Rope Style

The knotted rope styling of these rustic bronze pulls was perfect.

Just to hit the point home about how you have to take one step at a time, I have had these pulls for months!

The Next Step Of My Mosaic Tile DIY:

So months had passed and this project was at a standstill.

I had a lot of other pressing issues to contend with and other projects to finish.

I also was not feeling very inspired.

Then Mozaico Art reached out to me.

They offered me one of their gorgeous Mosaic tiles to showcase for them.

I am still so in love with my entryway that of course, I said yes!

Mosaic Tile DIY Entryway Project My finished floor tile with mosaic

Selecting a tile mosaic for this project was so much fun!

Mozaico has so many beautiful mosaic art designs to select from!

I selected my chosen style and submitted my required dimensions.

A few days later I received a photo of my finished piece.

I did request a small change in the color, which was done quickly.

That is one wonderful thing about Mozaico, they do not mind making changes for us!

They want our design to be as perfect as we imagine it!

Mosaic Tile DIY The Inspiration Continues:

So, now I had more of a direction to take with my floor shelving unit.

If you are stuck on a DIY project consider one element at a time.

By adding the mosaic tile I now had a clearer direction.

I choose the color based on a secondary accent color I use in my home.

My primary accent color is burgundy.

The secondary accent color I have been incorporating is turquoise.

I need more turquoise so that is why I went with the tile mosaic I selected.

Mosaic Tile DIY Mosaic tile close up. Turquoise, Beige and brown scroll design.

The beige, dark brown, and turquoise scroll design had all the decor elements I was looking for.

Where I would go from here was up in the air but I knew I wanted a touch of burgundy in my design too.

Let’s Look At My Mosaic Tile DIY Project Step By Step:

So this is where it all began.

An outdated, yet cool looking bathroom medicine cabinet.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving The Beginning Look. White Bathroom Shelving Unit

I did like the look of the window pane but it was plastic and remember, I wanted more shelving to show off my pretties.

This unique looking plastic pane would hide my pretties, not showcase them!

It had to go but more on that later.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Original Door Pulls Modern Silver

I thought these door pulls had to go.

I do not feel they even looked right on the way the unit was decorated before.

Far too modern for the design of this unit if you ask me.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Unsightly Top of unit before mosaic tile is placed.

Then we had this unsightly view of the top of the unit.

Remember, this had been hanging on a wall so no one ever saw the top.

However, once I put it on my floor it would be seen so something had to be done!

This is where my tile mosaic would come in.

Time To Paint The Unit:

Obviously, the overall color of the cabinet had to change.

I bought primer and paint in a spray can because I am lazy like that.

It also made the paint job a lot faster!

The great thing about this project is since I wanted it to look aged, it did not have to be perfect!

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Painted Brown

In fact, I ran out of my paint when I was almost done.

My solution, go for it and just use a paint that was similar in color!

Yes, some say I am crazy and do my projects haphazardly but it works.

I just finished the areas that I had not yet painted then added a little of the second color to other areas in light sprays.

My vision for my final look was something you would have found in an old ghost town saloon.

As I was working on my project my neighbors came over and said it looked like it had been slightly burnt.

This was a compliment from them by the way.

I was so happy to hear this as it was just what I was going for!

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Breaking Out The Plastic Panes

I am not going to lie, this next step was scary!

It’s one of those things you just have to go with your gut on but you also know it can’t be undone if it fails.

I took a deep breath and went for it after my neighbors agreed it was the right thing to do.

So breaking the plastic panes was a go.

We all agreed that to really give it that ghost town saloon feel broken panes made sense.

Have you ever seen perfectly intact glass in an old western saloon?

I haven’t.

This also solved the problem of my pretties being able to be seen.

I left just enough of the pane so that I could still see the design element of the swirls.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving The Progress So Far

Mosaic Tile DIY Project Progress So Far:

Things were coming along very nicely so far.

I was getting a better feel for what the final look would be but I was not done.

The next step was to install the mozaico art tile.

Having worked with mosaics before I already knew what to do.

Mozaico also offers a great video on how to install their tiles.

If you are timid please do not worry, it is really easy!

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Peeling Off The Backing of the tiles

Your Mozaico art will arrive rolled up in a tube.

It will also come with extra tile pieces to replace any broken or missing tiles.

This will make your mosaic tile project a lot easier if you have any missing or broken pieces.

I love that they include this for us!

I had to do replace some pieces in my previous art tile project for my floor but this mosaic came perfectly intact!

If you do need to replace any tiles it’s super easy to do and I show you how step by step on my floor tile article.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Silicone Sealant To Attach Tile To Cabinet

This is the silicone I used to attach my mosaic tile to the cabinet.

Don’t judge my application of it please, I told you I am messy.

I let it dry and tested it to be sure it was well attached.

I think if I ever started a DIY only blog I would have to be known as The Messy Hobbyist.

Maybe someone already has that name haha!

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Attached Mosaic Tile

But Wait, There’s More:

Oh no we are not done yet.

Now that the mosaic attached we still have to grout it.

Okay, so here is where some say I do things backward.

I could have grouted before attached.

Truth be told that would have been the smarter way right?

I mean then I would not risk getting grout on the cabinet itself.

Most projects like this, however, you have to put the tile in place before grouting so that is just the way I did it.

I also was sure to be super careful not to be messy at this point.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving The Grouting Begins

And so the grouting of the mosaic tile begins.

Grouting is simple.

You just spread it on and let it dry.

Make sure you get the grout well into all cracks.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Making sure grout is deep into all cracks. Closeup of myself checking grout.

Grouting Is A Multi-Step Process:

Actually, it’s just one step that has to be repeated over and over.

Not the grouting itself as that is easy peasy but it’s the wiping of the grout that took forever.

Or at least it seemed to.

I was getting so close to being done and I was impatient.

Maybe if I started my own DIY blog I could be called The Impatient DIY’r.


Wipe and wipe I did.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Wiping Off Grout

You just have to keep wiping until you no longer see a haze.

This is described in the video Moziaco provides us that I linked up above.

I felt I would never stop wiping off grout and this part of the project took the longest.

Then again, if there was one area I wanted perfection on it was this!

The rest of the unit could look a bit worn and old fashioned but I wanted my tile to really shine!

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Finally Got the grout off and my tiles were shiney.

There we go!


And Then We Seal:

So once you have your grout cleaned off and your tiles look nice and shiny you just wait to let it dry.

Then you have to use a sealant.

I opted for 511 Impregnator by Miracle Sealants Company.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Sealer For Tiles That I used.

I went ahead and sealed mine the next day.

If you were sealing grout in a high traffic area such as an entryway you would want to wait awhile to let the grout fully dry.

I probably should have waited for this as well but I am haphazard and there will be nothing sitting on top of my tile on this unit.

There’s another name choice for me if I started a DIY only blog…

The Haphazard Hobbyist.

I have no plans to start a DIY only blog.

Just messing around.

So What’s Next Now That We Have The Mosaic Tile All Done?

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Tiles Finished but now what?

This is where I have to do a test run.

That means bringing the unit into my home to see how it looks so far.

This is when I decide on those last few finishing touches.

I stuck an item in the cabinet just to get some perspective.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving In My Home To Get Perspective On Finishing Touches

Looking pretty good but it still needed something…

Back Out To The Garage We Go!

One thing I felt it would need was some lighting.

I bought an 18 dollar battery operated strip light at a local hardware store.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving With Strip Lighting Installed

Ah yes, that helped a lot!

Since my paint was so dark I needed something to illuminate at least some of my pretties that would be inside.

Still, this wasn’t enough.

I told you that inspiration came step by step.

Don’t ever be afraid to try an idea!

Especially one that can easily be undone.

I had to once again drag it back into the house.

Not a lot of fun because this thing was made well and is super heavy!

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Back In My House With Lights Installed

Everything is about perspective though.

I needed to see it in my home to know where to go with the design next.

We were close but still, something was missing!

I still needed a bit more color.

I realized that I wanted to pull in some maroon to go with my main home accent color.

The Next Inspiration In My Mosaic Tile DIY Project:

When it comes to design, be that home decor or fashion, we always wanted to have an editor’s eye.

We have to be careful not to overdo things.

So I decided that to bring in that pop of maroon it would have to be something small.

Colored hinges!

That would do the trick!

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving With Maroon Colored Hinges Closeup of Hinges

Off came the doors entirely so I could remove and paint the hinges.

Then I put them back on.

I did lose some paint on the screws doing this but oh well, another way to add to the rustic look.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Full Cabinet With Colored Hinges

So this is where we were at.

I was pretty darn happy with it.

This next decision would make or break the look potentially but I just had to…

Would This Next Step In My Mosaic Tile DIY Ruin Everything Or Make it Totally Fab?

Seriously, I almost did not do it!

Yet, I realized that it was turquoise I had been wanting to really bring into my home.

I conferred with my daughter and her opinion was to go for it!

So I did!

Awhile back I had picked up the perfect turquoise paint.

At the time I had no idea what it would be used for but it was a perfect match to a basket I had bought at a second-hand store.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Oasis Blue Rust-Oleum Paint and Primer

I love this stuff!

Never hesitate to pick up odds and ends for DIY when out.

You never know when it will come in handy!

Being the DIY pro that I am (not really) I used printer paper to block off the areas I did not want to get paint on.

It was 95% successful.

I haven’t had printer ink in over a year anyway so the paper went to a good use!

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Painting The Bottom Shelving Unit Oasis Blue

Fixing The F’Ups:

In DIY projects we sometimes make mistakes.

When you do, just fix’em!

I did get a little blue under the edges of the paper and had to go over that again with brown.

No harm was done.

It was easy to fix.


Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Bottom Shelf Unit Painted And Done In Oasis Blue

What do you think?

I still love it without the blue and I love it with the blue.

The next step was to see it in my home.

Best thing is, it’s not something that can’t be undone.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Once again back in the house now with blue shelf and all my pretties.

So now I could see it clearly.

In my home with all the pretties inside.

My grandmother’s button tin and her handkerchiefs look lovely against the blue backdrop.

The blue also isn’t quite as shocking with some items in front of it.

All was well with the world.

Or was it?

The Very Last Step To My Mosaic Tile DIY Project, I Promise:

So here I had this gorgeous DIY piece almost perfect.

An absolutely stunning mosaic top, a perfectly imperfect ghost town paint job, pretty hinges, that popping bottom shelf and lights.

Wait – those lights!

Something is wrong.

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving With Stark White Strip Lights

Track lighting is modern enough to distract from my old world look.

But the stark white color was just too much.

That had to be fixed.

Once again, I headed back to the garage workshop with the lights in tow.

Maybe It’s The Fumes:

I really do not know what happened to the photos of the painting of the strip lights.

Perhaps the fumes had got to me.

Just checked my phone and they are not on there.

Maybe I totally spaced out taking any.

Nonetheless, here is the finished look:

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Now With Maroon Track Lights!

Since I had only used a little maroon on the hinges I decided to paint the track lights maroon as well.

They are not easily seen with the doors closed as the top rim of the doors hide it for the most part.

That means you will only see a peek of the color but it is a far cry better than the white which stood out like a sore thumb.

And Here You Have It The Finished Project In Different Angles And Lighting:

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Finished Project Angle 1

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Finished Project Angle 2

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Finished Project Angle 3

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Angle 4

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Angle 5 In Natural Light

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Angle 6 Natural Light Close Up

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Close Up Of Mosaic Top

I hope that I have inspired you to create your own DIY using mosaic tiles.

It can be scary trying something new.

Mozaico makes it so easy and will help you every step of the way.

Being crafty and creative is fun.

It’s a healthy way to reduce stress and make your home reflect who you are.

Don’t get stuck on every detail in the beginning.

Pick one element and let it lead you along the path to the next element and so on.

Most of all, have fun!

A Few Last Words About Mozaico Art:

Each of Mozaico Art’s mosaics is made from hand-cut marble and glass tesserae.

Their mosaic artworks are handcrafted with extreme care and precision using traditional and ancient Roman techniques applying a modern twist from their artists.

The artists can also custom create mosaics to fit your needs including color, size, design, materials and more.

You can even have a mosaic of your face made if you wish to.

The options are limitless!

Read Reviews From Customers.

Check out the Loyalty Program.

See their Instagram eye candy!

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Cabinet To Floor Shelving Twitter Image Before And After Photos



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