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Unique Mosaic Designs Exhibited In 2018

Cover Photo: Beatrice Serre

Daniel Barenboim once said that every great work of art has two sides, one towards its own time and one towards the future, towards eternity. By reading this, I felt the need to take a look at the artistic fusion that fell under the global mosaic art community this year! Let’s have a look at these are 10 wonderful mosaic designs exhibited this year!

Marie Laure Bourbon

Couvent des Récollets – Cognac 2018 

A mosaicist who knows how to make her creations stand out in an ever-increasing digital age, the best way I can describe her.  Marie-Laure has been creating an impressive collection of mosaic artworks for many years now that is rooted in an interest in futurism, modernism, and innovation. This year was a fresh start for Marie-Laure, as her mosaics were recently featured at Couvent des Récollets in Cognac, and she also promises us to appear in several solo and group exhibitions.

Copyrighted Credits to Marie Laure Bourbon

mosaic designs

mosaic designs

Eloise Baro

Couvent des Récollets – Cognac 2018

Undoubtedly nature has always been a diachronic source of inspiration in artistic expression. Eloise Baro, an artist whose mosaics and sculptures range from symbolic to suggestive as topics are typically inspired by nature and ethics. In 2016 Eloise acquired the Master Mosaicist title.This year the mosaicist has been our sunny escape when things were getting too dark, and her mosaics were also featured at the Couvent des Récollets with  Marie Laure Bourbon.

Copyrighted Credits to Eloise Baro

mosaic designs

mosaic designs

Giuliano Babini

Montezuma 2018

Inspired partly by the modern art movement, Giuliano Babini’s mosaic designs are crafted to illustrate the conceptual and figurative connection between nature and humans. This legendary mosaicist has been featured in international group shows and solo exhibitions, and as expected his recent exhibition at took his exploration of new media even further this year!

Copyrighted Credits to Giuliano Babini

mosaic designs

mosaic designs

mosaic designs

Ivan Djidjev

Artroom Roma 2018

Ivan Djidjev is a remarkably gifted and versatile contemporary artist. Though he has been making art since the early age of 14, he recently began garnering true public attention, when he developed his own rich and expressive mosaic technique and went on to become one of the world’s most inspiring mosaicists in 2018.

Copyrighted Credits to Ivan Djidjev

mosaic designs

mosaic designs

Beatrice Serre Mosaiste

Grand Palace. Paris 2018 

The color graduations of her mosaics are subtle and appealing, whilst the clever placement of her small frosted shards convey a sense of movement that mirrors the cosmos. Unsurprisingly, in 2017 her cosmic mosaic collection caught the eye of numerous mosaic enthusiasts around the world.

She has been the subject of numerous major exhibitions this year, beginning with her Musiwa17 exhibitions in Firenze arriving at Grand Palace in Paris, which recently embraced some of her wonderful mosaics!

Copyrighted Credits to Beatrice Serre

mosaic designs

mosaic designs

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At some point, we can all lose count of the number of artists who speak to our innermost selves with innovative art pieces.

In case I missed any of your favorite mosaicists, you can always mention them in the comment box below. Who Knows? You might see them in future articles!



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