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Mosaic Art Trend Predictions For 2017

2017 The year of Mosaic Art!

Contemporary Mosaic Art is just a couple of years away from being a century old and yet is still changing and evolving as much as any millennial! 

No longer do we hear the outcry that mosaic art is a dying art form. The revival of the medium is quite proficient than ever and is being created with principle and as a form of expression. Going back 4,000 years or more, mosaic art was the art that complemented the architecture and was considered to be an impressive skill. Nowadays, you see mosaic murals and artworks everywhere, ornamenting streets or decorating homes and monuments. They became more accessible to every interior designer regardless of technical ability or budget.

As mosaic art continues to be one of the most permanent art forms of the ancient world, I once again asked some of the most creative mosaicists of our age to get their predictions on what we might expect for the coming year! In their opinions, this coming year promises an unfolding turmoil in Mosaic Art to turn our daily life into a three-dimensional canvas of all colors and square shapes.



Courtesy Of: Dino Maccini

Here’s everything you wanted to know about 2017 mosaic trends:

  • New Media, Installation & Bio Mosaic Art

One of our greatest struggles today is avoiding stereotypes and seeking innovative ideas to communicate our uniqueness and express our individuality. Over the past decade, the concept of sustainability and “green” practices has created meaningful changes within the viable and inhabited contemporary art scene. In 2017, contemporary mosaic artists are expected to create a good, solid body of work that demonstrates their artistic process, one that might even include mosaics in other mediums, mosaic installations, and eco-friendly concepts.


Courtesy Of: Dino Maccini

Dino Maccini-mosaic-contemporaryart

Courtesy Of Bill Frymire

Dino Maccini-mosaic-art-contemporary

Courtesy Of: Dino Maccini

  • Futurism & Innovation

In 2017, Futuristic Mosaic Art or “post-human”, will be the main meeting point for designers and contemporary mosaic artists. This trend is inspired by artificial cleverness, to illustrate tech-driven designs and add a new generation of technological mediums. In my opinion, these futuristic designs can be defined by otherworldly facets like embossed textures, sophisticated stones, laminated finishes, and glowing LED tiles inside of mesh materials. Futurism is further supported by many emerging mosaicists like Dino Maccini and Nathalie Vin!   



Courtesy Of: Yulia Hanansen


Courtesy Of: Rachel Sager

  • Combining Simplicity and Complexity

In 2017, creating mosaics isn’t going to be as straightforward as it has been. In a world changing at warp speed, we will see greater complexity in the types of work produced, to create very simple yet breathtaking artworks. This is the Holy Grail! This is what mathematicians seek by “elegant equations”, what scientists yearn for with striking theories, what artists seek when creating creative artworks!




Courtesy Of: Nathalie Vin 

In your opinion, what’s it going to take to advance the art form/genre/medium?

Have any other thoughts or questions about the future of this medium? Let us know in the comments below.

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