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Mosaic Art: Through The Kaleidoscope

Have you ever looked through the kaleidoscope? It’s wholly hypnotic and attention-grabbing, a simple childhood recall and a sensory bliss unblemished by adult pursuits. When I first came across Nathalie Vin’s mosaic designs I was utterly unsettled… It was just like looking into a mirror and not noticing my reflection, I dismissed her art work as a means to shock her way into the art world. But guess what? Nowadays it became harder for artists to leave a peculiar, yet outrageous impression in the creative scene. In fact, the art world became more open to creative, bizarre and new concepts. Who would have thought that the blank canvas of Rauschenberg would have gotten so far?

mosaic art

mosaic art

When I calmed down and allowed myself to truly delve into her dynamic mosaics and admire the stagnant concepts and vision that appeared in the Hellenic Centre ( W1AU 5AS) in London, I reverentially tip my hat to her creations.

In her mosaics Nathalie Vin, reveals a flare of sentimental beauty that gets thrown off-balance. The framework, she creates in tandem to her magnificent mosaics leaves sensationalism to her pieces. The artist stands out despite the entire splendor and circumstances her creations require, with her creative future well established.

mosaic art

Nathalie is best known for her exploratory, exceedingly complicated mosaic designs connecting captivating and graceful influence and unusual skills. Her works range from painting, sculpture, mosaic art and conceptual art/installations. One of the most monumental examples of her creations was “The Glow Project”. Bearing in mind the process, Nathalie’s work examines the miniature (a tile, wooden elements, etc.) and how it manufactures a larger whole, gathering elements and subjects together like a riddle.

mosaic art

Nathalie Vin was born in Paris, the love of travelling brought her to London where she currently lives and works. She attended one of the best art institutes to hone her talents: studying Art history at the University of Rennes in France. Vin has extensively exhibited her work, and participated in international solo and group exhibitions. Selected To unveil her work in the most prominent mosaic art exhibitions in the world and her work has been featured at the Beaux Arts Museum in France and the Museum of Glass, U.S.A. She was recently granted a special distinction for the renowned Picasiette Prize in France.

mosaic art

mosaic art

Her signature style was born, something so appetizingly mesmerizing that you feel like you are taking as a Voyeuristic odyssey into Nathalie’s realms of holographic sci-fi poetry. Her vision is liberating, greatly exceeding her years and not unlike a kaleidoscope Nathalies is “an observer of holographic form”. Her creation of otherworldly mosaics that blur the boundaries of art has brought the collective forces of the art world to its buffed and exfoliated knees. Through an extraordinary vision she isolates both; the interior and exterior static beauty of an “objet d’art” an bring them to form in an exquisite framework.

mosaic art

mosaic art

Nathalie is a true visionary artist. She amps up the gamble each time an still comes up on top as she navigates the shifting waters of the art world, creating mosaics at the helm of a new contemporary mixed media era. Next Step? I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that her mosaic designs will be exhibited at The Worcester Art Museum or The Metropolitan Museum of Art, one day!

Artist Potrfolio: Nathalie Vin

Photography by Lou Smith

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Shannon Mage

Shannon Mage

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    and this is merely a glimpse of what is bound to be “the ripples will be endless” another meaningfull work of Nathalie Vin to check out at

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