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10 Must Know Ethnic Mosaic Artworks | Mozaico

The varieties in our traditions, cultures and civilizations enlighten our world and transform it into a basket  of colorful fruits, seeds and tastes. Cultural diversity is one of the things that make life more beautiful. It makes us curious to discover one another in such a small world. Our differences aren’t limited to languages, beliefs or physical traits. Each civilization has its special touch and special way of crafting, which differentiates its artworks. Starting with the Native Americans and finishing with the Spanish, discover their appealing abilities and flair to create mosaic art.

• Native American Mosaic Art

The creativity of Native Americans is boundless and sacred. For them, art is a way to express worship to gods. Influenced by nature, their mosaic artworks manifest the sacred belief that every living creature and animal obtains a place in the universe.

Cow Skull Mosaic

Animal Mosaic Art

Dream Catcher Artwork


• Mayan Mosaic Art

Mayan is one of the few civilizations that is symbolized by its artists, artworks and unique designs. It has been called the richest of the New World due to the great complexity of its patterns and various art mediums. The Mayans are influenced by conscience and spirituality and have their own special worship for colors.  Many of their designs and figures were made into mosaic artworks.

Historical Mosaic

Mosaic Abstract Portrait

Owl Mosaic Art


• Persian Mosaic Art

Persian art emanates extreme luxury and exalts royal and divine features at once.  . Since the early times, Persian mosaic art is meant to be authentic and very arabesque. Persian mosaic artworks always texture geometric patterns using bold colors. Mosaic murals are the most famous and are exhibited in big monuments. 

Persian Mosaic Art

Mosaic Art of Persia

Persia Mosaic Art

• Turkish Mosaic Art

Turkish mosaic art is seen ornamenting decorative items, mostly lamps and chandeliers since the Ottoman Empire. Ottoman decorative arts channel alternative features such as flowers, geometric shapes and Islamic calligraphy. Turkish mosaic artworks are usually made with glass tiles using opaque colors, commonly shades of red.

Turkish Mosaic Lantern

Glass Tiles MOSAIC

Mosaic Ornament

• Mexican Mosaic Art

Mexican art is influenced by sacred geometry of nature that entails sacred universal patterns. The main idea is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in light and cosmology. Mexican mosaic art is famous for its traditional smalti tiles used for byzantine designs. Mexican mosaic tiles are usually painted with earth colors (the mixture of blue, yellow, red and green) and designed with flowery geometric patterns.


Mexican Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles in Mexico

Mosaic Art Tiles


• French Mosaic Art

In France, mosaic art is known to be very visual and keeps people all over the world dazzled by the uncomplicated beauty. French people are renowned for their delightful touch in architecture and their artistic finesse. Nowadays France is glistening with mosaic artworks of glass tiles, textile and ceramics. 

Mosaic Art Tiles

Mosaic Art In France

Mosaic Art


• Russian Mosaic Art

Russians began with wood craft buildings in ancient Slavs, and their art was later considered imperial and grandiose. Russians were predominantly inspired by the Byzantine architecture, until the fall of Constantinople. Their mosaic artworks also exposed as immense murals, featuring royal colors such as brick red and turquoise. 

Russian Mosaic Art

Mosaic Artwork

Mosaic In Russia

• Moroccan Mosaic Art

Their identity is portrayed through their Arabic culture and history. In Morocco we can discover a heritage of universal beauty. For them a wall without art is a wall without soul.  Moroccan mosaic artworks are floral patterns, geometric forms and calligraphic scripts at times. They are both famous for their mosaic murals and rugs, characterized by matte dark colors with ranges of brown and petrol blue.   

Mosaic Art

Art in Morocco

Mosaic Art Tiles


• Contemporary Italian Mosaic Art  

Italian Mosaic Art

Italy has the most prosperous concentration of Late Antique and medieval mosaics. The technique is allied with Byzantine art. Contemporary mosaic art refers to artworks from the late 20th century onward. Colorful and unique Italian gold smalti, porcelain, ceramic tile, mirror, stone and salvaged recycled materials created the contemporary mosaic artworks below handcrafted by Laura Harris. Italy combines both traditional and modern mosaic techniques.

Mosaic Italian Ballerina

Mosaic Italian Art

• Spanish Mosaic Art 

Glass Mosaic Art

From Picasso to Gaudi, Spain has been a homeland for many famous artists over the centuries. Spanish artists were an inspiration and  an instrument in the evolution of many European artistic movements. Antoni Gaudi was a mosaic artist who was revolutionary in his style and who transformed Park Güell into a Mosaic Heaven. Spanish mosaic artworks emit beautiful bright and fiery colors with a constant twist of white.

Spain Mosaic Art

Mosaic Tiles


Have we missed an ethnical mosaic artwork which deserves to be featured?
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