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Mosaic Art: Embracing the Monochrome In Home Decor

Ebony and ivory always go together and not just in a song!

Black and white are classic everlasting elegant colors that never go out of style! Why not incorporate the monochrome effect into your indoor or outdoor area?

To do so we helped by rounding our picks for unique contrasting effects that are sure to turn any room into a beautiful and modern gallery-like space.  

Why Monochrome?

A monochrome theme can bring more elegance and style to your home decor. It’s also ideal for making a style statement on your walls and floors. It’s contemporary, resourceful and easy to maintain.  This theme is also easy to achieve, especially with the help of black and white accessories without the worry of whether this style is too bold for your taste. And here, you can think of mosaic art to spruce up your walls!

Interior with empty chalkboard

Room with floor lamp and chalkboard

Concrete room with blackboard

Get the Monochrome Look

To get the monochrome look, you can think of using a tone on tone color scheme in your interior, using single color-tints, tones and shades on ornamental items, like paintings, statuettes and of course mosaic art. Yes, mosaic art will not only bring instant interest to your space but it will also break the chromatic monotony and add a visual texture to your home décor.


white interior

Monochrome Color Theory

According to the “Color Theory”, which first appeared in the writings of Leone Battista Alberti and Leonardo da Vinci, warm colors are said to arouse and stimulate the viewer, while cool colors promote calmness and relaxation. To make a long story short, cool colors tend to unwind, while warm colors tend to arouse. How does this theory relate to the monochromatic color scheme? In order to create a flourishing emotional aspect in your home décor, one must think of toning the monochromatic palette, between a cooler ( more bluish) to a warmer ( more reddish ) color tones.




Keep it simple!

When it comes to embracing monochrome in your home décor, the main idea is to keep it simple. Remember that word that best describes the modern interior design, so you should make sure to incorporate it into your space. E will surely not allow the space to become as efficient and practical – as it should be. Keep a minimalistic, modern interior which will be functional, clean and stylish!



Last but not least, the colors of your home interior are a direct reflection of your personality. The right color can set a mood and absorb away bad energies, stress, and fatigue. While most of us may not spend time thinking about it, hence the colors we decide to embrace in our home play a major role in the way we feel and think. Some colors can actually improve our moods and affect our lives in several ways. Thus, it’s so important to choose colors wisely when it comes to decorating.

What do you think of the monochromatic theme in home décor? Would you incorporate to your space? Let us know in the comment box below!  I’d  also love to see photos of your décor projects, select your best photos and tag @mozaico on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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