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Mosaic Art: Artful Appeal to your Backyard

As temperatures constantly rise and with summer approaching, we all start looking for creative ideas to decorate the outdoor space. This summer’s decor trends require experimenting with artful subjects, some are recapping from last year, but are a little bit of altered, while others are utterly new – mosaic artworks have never been so popular when it comes to backyard decor, weren’t they?

Here are some easy ideas to bring an artful appeal to your backyard with mosaic art and make it more inviting for spring & summer gatherings.

Artful Backyard Inspiration 

Mosaic art can make a notable change on the entire facade of your backyard. This art form will bring an artful appeal to your whimsical outdoor space, and is sure to attract the eyes of every neighbor! Nonetheless, when you are just planning to start your artsy-fartsy backyard decor project, you have to consider selecting the right design and pattern for your mosaic based on the space you’d like to fill!

Below we can see interesting backyard, courtesy of HGTV. This modern backyard inspiration is accessorized with mosaic patterns and handmade ornaments. They considered creating a focal point on blank spaces, like spreading colors and mosaic patterns on an aging fence, whilst another bold mosaic pattern has been incorporated on the floor.

Photos Credits to Tomas Espinoza




Floral Mosaic Patterns

Floral mosaic patterns are a great way to go if you enjoy that bohemian sentiment within your backyard. Decorating your outdoors with floral accents and coverings is stylish, but nonetheless, very simple method to add excitement and interest to your milieu!

Below, an inviting backyard is seen to be embellished with vibrant hues, in addition to a whimsical mosaic pattern. This setting successfully transmits a subtle statement to anyone entering the room!




Decorating with a Nautical Theme

Decorating your backyard with a nautical theme can make you feel closer to a sunny, seaside getaway. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Nautical? Well, of course, the classic compass and anchor designs. These maritime motif-mosaics will bring an unmistakable feeling of “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy” to your backyard!

The featured backyard exhibits a very good example of a nautical theme, the kind that creates a balmy breeze and most importantly a tranquil energy to your backyard.




Mosaic Of Electric Geometry

Last but not least, regardless of where and how we apply it, geometry in home décor can create elegance and aesthetic perfection. Geometric mosaics are always something that creates an aura of mystery and intrigue and especially in the backyard.

I previously mentioned how a bold mash-up can often present itself as flamboyant, chaotic and grandiose, well, same goes for geometry. However, including geometry to a “minimalist” environment will bring visual interest and futurism into your space!




I’d love to see photos of your outdoor mosaic decorations, select your best photos and tag @mozaico on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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