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The Fascinating Truth behind the Myth of Mermaids

The Fascinating Truth behind the Myth of Mermaids

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Mermaid Mosaics 

Mosaic Fantasy Art mermaid

Mia Tavonatti


What is the fascinating truth behind the myth of mermaids? Nothing can describe it better than art!

A mermaid is a phenomenal aquatic mortal. This creature became well eminent with the upper body of a female individual and the tail of a fish. Mermaids have been emerging in the folklore and mythologies of many civilizations worldwide. They have also been enduring symbols of transformation, seduction and fantasy in myths and traditions for thousands of years. Mermaids have been an admired subject of art and literature in recent centuries. They have subsequently been depicted in operas, paintings, books, films and comics. Today this fantasy creature continues to have an exceedingly observable role in the contemporary society of visual art, advertising, movies and our culture in general.

Most art historians don’t take fantasy art seriously. They don’t appreciate the fact that many of the most phenomenal art pieces have been fantasy artworks! Artists’ visions and creativity has totally overflowed into new ideas that would never have risen in our minds. Although since the humble beginning of fantasy art until the modern age, ideas were born out of the literary world. Many literary icons have been the main inspiration of artists for eight decades with their creative characters and unimaginable plots. Mermaid was one of those symbolic characters. It has been attracting the art scene ever since the idea was unveiled in Homer’s ancient epic, the Odyssey, written around 800 B.C. Many mosaic designers were also seduced by the beauty and charm of a mermaid. Thus they started assembling their stones to create mermaid mosaic artworks.

 Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Yet each artist has his own way of thinking about the nature of vision. 

Why the attraction to Mermaids is so compelling? Why do mermaids retain such a perceptible role in our contemporary culture? To answer these questions one must sink into the world of artists’ visions!

As we always wander through the most impressive artworks, this week we stumbled upon many imposing mermaid mosaics. These artworks have inspired us to elect the 5 most fascinating artworks among many other designs.

 Enjoy the visions of 5 fascinating mosaic designers and 5 of the most impressive mermaid mosaic artworks! 

Mermaid Mosaic Tales Of

• Mia Tavonatti

Mia has gone beyond the art of creating images with an assemblage of small stones into a different level, a new legendary experience.

In her mermaid mosaics, the fervor and phantasm are prominently noticeable. The shades of colors complement each other, illustrating the phantasm of a wanderer beauty in the sea of musing swoon! 

Mermaid Mosaic Fantasy Art


Reverie Art Of 

•Josephine Alexander

Mosaic art for Alexander, was a mystery that she wanted to explore in order to make stepping stones for her garden! Her journey of solving the mystery has begun in the early 2000s.

She made every mistake imaginable!

Fantasy Art Mosaic

Source: Grandmother Moon Mosaics 

Romanesque Mermaids Of

• Mozaico 

When we think of mermaids, the first thing that comes to our minds is beauty! The beauty of the sea or the goddess of nature, a mermaid will remain a symbol of splendor and fantasy. With the legs of a female or the tail of a fish, the beauty of this mosaic is indescribable! 

This mermaid mosaic was handcrafted in ultimate splendor , bringing to life one stone at a time!  

Mermaid Mosaic Art


The Ultimate Fantasy of 

•Svetlana Ivanchenko

 While the ingenious Ukrainian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko decided to inhabit the mythology of mermaids. She created her mermaid mosaics with sand, shells and sea pebbles and materials commonly found on beaches. Not just to create different textures but also to create a living link between mermaids and their habitat!

Ivanchenko’s created  almost sculptural mosaics in spectacular details! 

Svetlana Ivanchenko Mosaic Mermaid Seashells


Oriental Mermaid Mosaics Of 

•Carole Choucair Oueijan

 Inspired by the beauty of modern art, Carole Choucair Oueijan has been faithfully reflecting her Lebanese-Greek heritage in her art. Her journey into the world of impressionism began with ingenuous sketches at a very tender age.

In her glass mosaic mermaid, Carole illustrated a dancing beauty in an ultimate impressionistic way!

Mermaid Mosaic Art


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