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5 Swoon-Worthy Living Rooms With Mosaic Art

Too often in home décor, we see mosaic art treated as an addition. It’s what gets dealt with last, long after the final coat of paint has dried on the walls and all of the furniture has been artfully arranged. Nonetheless, mosaic art is an art form that combines many aspects, and the most important one is the fact that when chosen thoughtfully, the right mosaic can provide for the entire room. First showing up in the 4th century and showing no signs of slowing down in popularity today, the art form has several art collectors and aficionados, including myself!

Let’s take a look at some gorgeous rooms rockin’ this traditional art form, shall we?

Mosaic Wall Art to Daydream About

Whether you are ready for home remodeling or you’re just daydreaming, these dreamy mosaic wall artworks should spark some creativity. So if you crave fantasy art, florals, contemporary, beautifully textured surfaces and a certain 3D perspective et je ne sais quoi, then these mosaics are sure to impress you!



Mosaic Art, as an Unusual Floor Plan

The sort of aesthetic that we associate with words “floor mosaic inserts”, mosaic rugs, mosaic floor panels—doesn’t usually appeal to me. For me, mosaic art is a lot more than a finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. However, there’s something about this unusual mosaic floor plan that I just can’t resist. Everything in this swoon-worthy living room is so fascinating that I wish I could reach out and touch it through my laptop screen!



Minimalists Will Rejoice at this living room

Less is more. Are you a person who follows this philosophy when it comes to your interior? The minimalist home décor style has been around for a while and apparently, it is here to say! Recently, we have also noticed abstract and neutral geometric mosaics taking over by storm. The minimalistic mindset and trend has certainly influenced mosaicists, and interior designers to create minimal, yet powerful designs in new and intriguing ways!




 Mosaic Art Mastering The Tropical Twist

Whoever said “Don’t judge a book by its cover “ forgot to point out that the same works for Mosaic art. Mosaics are marvelously unique, full of character and open to a world of unique and exotic interior design prospects.  Mosaic art is gaining in popularity due to two main phenomena: mosaic aficionados, and the increasing number of artists who have grown up with affection for mosaic art!

The featured mosaics tend to have a rustic impression with an exotic twist, contemporary colors, and innovative designs.




Does it get any better than this living room?

Does it get any better than this bed? A minimal and dreamy pagoda bed style tucked against equally striking mosaics. This living room can easily transport me to a far off place with just one glance. Last but not least, mosaic art doesn’t have to be the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to decorating your space. In fact, it shouldn’t be. In our minds, mosaic art is most important when it comes to interior design. This is because when it’s selected wisely, your artworks can provide an excellent swoon-worthy framework around which you should be able to plan the rest of the living room!



I’d love to see photos of your swoon-worthy mosaic decorations, select your best photos and tag @mozaico on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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