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Ideas to Improve Your Bathroom Décor

Nowadays, the bathroom is a status for its owner. Some people want their bathroom to be exceptional in design and marvellous in appearance. While others seek a relaxing area, where they relieve the fatigue and stress that had been felt all day. They seek to transform their bathroom into a retreat suspended in time. Scientists recently proved that the bathroom area is related to psychological and social change. For instance, a floral shower in a wise decorated bathroom is sufficient enough to lead healthier and more relaxed lives, sheltered from the incessant pressures of the everyday life. It’s known that whirl pool baths, luxury showers and Jacuzzis provide the home owner satisfaction and high status. Nevertheless some people ignore small accessories, while thinking of the basic luxuries. Sometimes bathtub salts, aromatic candles, nice wallpapers or creative shower curtains can alter the bathroom into a spiritual fantasy.

Inserting some luxurious items to your bathroom such as a mosaic backsplash, sinks made of marble or granite is a must. How wonderful is it to combine therapeutic accessories with luxurious bathroom settings?     

Have you ever complained about how hard it is to improve your bathroom decor? Here are a few basic and simple ideas to inspire you through your bathroom decoration or renovation! 

Calm Colors 

Paint the bathroom with soothing and peaceful tones. Beige and pastel shades are always a perfect choice. Sometimes avoiding to paint the entire wall of the bathroom can create a serene dimensional effect. Don’t worry you can still go wild with wallpapers in the guests bathroom. 

Beige Bathroom


Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wooden blinds are usually made with synthetic materials. This kind of blinds is a perfect choice for environments of high moisture or humidity such as bathrooms. Nowadays, people are usually using blinds not just for the privacy feel, but also to add a bright splash of color to neutral themed restrooms. If you’re looking for moisture resistant materials, faux-wooden blinds are a faultless pick!

Modern bathroom with venetian blinds



Wallpapers vary in textures, designs, prints and material. Textured wallpapers will spice up the guest bathroom, and illustrate your creative side. Wallpapers and wall decals can also be applied on the upper half of the wall of the main bathroom. However, people avoid applying them in bathrooms, because they usually peel off due to the steam. Mildew proof wallpaper primer and adhesive are a perfect pick for humid bathrooms. Designs can create a new dimension of style to your walls with eye-catching patterns!

Blue Pattern Wallpaper


Bathroom Mosaic Ideas  

A bathroom mosaic backsplash will add a luxury feel and increase your status, with great variety of designs and great prices. Floral, nautical and abstract mosaics can bring flamboyance and style to bathrooms. In moiety, humid, steamy or clammy environment, a mosaic backsplash is the ultimate choice,due to its inherent durability. That is why mosaic art are also applied in pools, Jacuzzis and hot tubs.

Lotus Mosaic Backsplash bathroom


Mosaic Backsplash bathroom


Floor Patterns

For your bathroom floor, you can always choose among the variety of ceramic tiles, mosaic designs, water jet,  glass tile liners or carrara marble. You can use different colors or patterns to give your floor a really unique splash of lively creativity. Floral and complex geometric patterns have been at the peek of rustic chic bathroom designs for a few years now! Think of applying floral and geometric designs to bring a new level of refinement to rustic decorating.    

Mosaic Bathroom Patterned Floor


Mosaic Pattern Floor Bathroom


Creative Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are another basic part of the bathroom, not any less important than floor tiles or wallpapers. Today, shower curtains can also play a great role in bathroom improvements, where personalizing the curtains has become so easy!   

Piano shower curtain


Far Sighted Mirror

Mirrors are a bathroom necessity, but they often fall by the wayside when it comes to style. This year small and simple mirrors are highly advised to break the old tradition of big and framed mirrors. 

Mirror Bathroom


Aromatic Candles

Aromatic and scented candles can  transform any space into a refreshing, relaxing haven. The right candle can set a mood and absorb away bad energies, stress and fatigue! Scented candles are also a natural source of mild fragrance for bathrooms, avoiding harsh sprays. Make your bathroom smell as good as it looks! 

Aromatic Candles


Lush Towels

Nowadays, lush towels and bath linens are easily transforming bathroom decor. Many colorful and patterned lush towels are invading the markets today. It’s up to your creativity. You can personalize your bathroom with the unique towel designs.     

Lush Towels in a White bathroom


Bathtub Ornaments 

By integrating your bathtub within a harmonic decor, it will perfectly fit the environment. Your floor tiles, wall paint and natural wooden elements should be matching. Flowers and floral oils have always been a wonderful way to ornament bathtubs.  Showers can be just as relaxing as baths, and be more efficient and exfoliating. Let the journey begin!  

Bathroom Tub with candles and chimney Source:

Last but not least, whether you choose luxurious and simple designs, or a bohemian and relaxing feel, haven bathrooms are the balance of both. 

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