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Inspiring Kitchen Decor Ideas for your Home

Gathering around the table to share food and drinks is greater than an act. A kitchen also involves art decor, where your emotions and sentiments meet up every single day. Have you ever thought that now is the right moment for renovating, redecorating or simply updating your kitchen decor? Mozaico thought of inspiring you through craving your vision with simple and practical decorative ideas to give a new taste to your kitchen.

Italian Kitchen Decor

An italian themed kitchen decoration has to be both simple and rustic. You can notice in the Italian theme unexpected modern elements well combined with a very rustic spirit. Sometimes a red and white checkered tablecloth is enough to give your kitchen a rustic Italian spirit. Old wood cabinets will inspire you with a unique and pastoral feeling of appetite. This blissful  spirit will make you feel the charm of the Italian countryside, sensing their inspirational cuisine.

Kitchen decoration

Kitchen decor

Kitchen Inspiration

Vintage Kitchen Decor

A vintage theme kitchen will spice up your area with feminine flamboyance and beautiful pastel colors. Be cautious with the colors, choose colors that blend well and feel good together. Squash yellow will be a good choice, which is according to Feng Shui good for digestion. Earth tone colors will fill your area with warmth and heat. Light earth colors always look good mixed together, for instance pastel green and sandy brown. Mosaic murals can be framed to decorate your walls and perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor. Mosaic art can also be applied as backsplash to give a taste to your kitchen!

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Mosaic Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash

Click here to order this kitchen scene in marble mosaics.

2015 design Kitchen

French Kitchen Decor

French looking kitchens have to be both sophisticated and elegant. They are known for their combination of creamy colors. A beautiful chandelier will spice it up and give it the French influence. A mosaic backsplash in pastel colors will make a visible contrast and perfect glaze on the cabinets! Fresh flowers will fill up your kitchen with beautiful uplifting vibes and energy. Add a bowl with fruits, a vase of lavenders or a living plant on the kitchen table or windowsill to make the aromas surround your senses with peaceful and relaxing vibes. A wall clock will add more harmony to your kitchen. Be creative with your kitchen canisters and jars; write on each pot its content.

French Kitchen Design

Kitchen decor

French Kitchen Design

Kitchen Accessories

Colorful Kitchen Decor

Colorful kitchen decorations can merge funky and contemporary/classic spirits. Colorful kitchen towels, colorful canisters and kitchen accessories will daze your vision and spice up your area with creative moments. Tile patterns are usually a great way of mixing bright colors, of course colors that go with the main air of the room. Bright yellow, blue and red are a great blend, especially when ornamenting subtle furniture. The squash yellow is a feng shui wise-color for the kitchen. Because we frequently swop energy with our environment, a positive feng shui kitchen will transform you into a good spirited chef, will inspired good energy meals and bring together a happy family!

MOZAICO Backsplash

mosaic tiles

mosaic tile backsplash

Modern Kitchen Decor

When we think of a modern kitchen design theme, we immediately envision a glossy white or black kitchen avoiding bright colors. Who said colors can’t be modern? So from now on consider having a cherry red lacquer, laminated cabinets and bright cobalt blue while still respecting a modern design. Be cautious when you use these colors combine them with a classical contemporary decor. Colors and patterns have to be well place guaranteeing an epic era of style. Be careful with choosing the color, because you will see it every day even before having coffee in the morning.

Modern Kitchen

decor ideas

kitchen decor

Kitchen backsplash

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Chantal Menhem

Chantal Menhem


  1. June 23, 2015 at 11:54 pm — Reply

    My dream kitchen would probably resemble the French decor. The colors are very attractive but not too bold. I also love the elegant feel it brings to a home.

  2. February 13, 2015 at 5:06 pm — Reply

    Excellent ! Very refreshing ! I would never want to step put of such amazing kitchens ! Loved all of them especially the colorful ones and the Italian descent kitchen, they are amazing.

    • February 13, 2015 at 6:23 pm — Reply

      Thank you! We agree!

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