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Home Décor Ideas For Pet Lovers

Home Décor Ideas For Pet Lovers

Something almost all pet lovers will tell you is that pets can enhance our lives in many ways. However, when it comes to sharing our love and affection for our pets, we always fail to accommodate their needs. A pet-friendly home isn’t about compromising the sense of personal decor style, but in order to accommodate a furry friend, one must take a puppy’s view of things! While all this fondness is great, sometimes it can also get a little devastating from a décor standpoint.  Following are some styling ideas and innovative ways to show off your pet love in your home décor!

Throws and Pillows

Most pet lovers ( owners ) I know have embraced the idea of buying striking but durable throws, pillows, and blankets for their pets. We all know that pets, (especially dogs and cats ) like to run into the apartment and lounge on the chair backs and enjoy pillow fight, thus, placing cheap yet stylish throws and pillows will not only protect your favorite couch from stains and claws but also enhance your bohemian style!



Paw-Safe Fabrics

For an easy-clean option, pick Paw-safe fabrics like denim or canvas. You may also want to consider Crypton, which is one of the most popular stain-resistant fabrics. Crypton can also resist moisture, odor, and germs that go along with owning pets. The last mega important advice and an error that I made, (actually the one that we all make) is selecting fur-toned fabric that coordinates with the pet’s fur. Don’t forget to bring home some fabric sample, to make sure they match in color and even touch.



Window View

All pets, especially those who spend most of their time indoors, will certainly appreciate the pleasurable value of a window overlooking your backyard or boulevard! Think of suitable fixtures alongside the window to make this more likely to impress! Also, you may have to consider external shutters, to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.



Customized Pet Portraits

Scoff not! Your dog has always been waiting for a chance to model nude! When you think of a custom pet portrait, you might imagine a smelly and costly oil painting of your pet in a traditional position. While that may be exactly what you want, a custom pet portrait can only be limited by your own creativity. Having his likeness captured in craft comes in many flavors, colors, and mediums. And the best way to illustrate your pet’s allure is to find an art style/medium that rings a bell with your own pet.

As a mosaic aficionado, I would definitely suggest a mosaic pet portrait or sculpture. A mosaic is so much more than just a copy of your photo, because every portrait is unique, and handcrafted to capture the essence of your pet, one stone at a time. It also helps you become a trendsetter as it withstands the test of time.



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