Going Big With Mosaic Walls

Quickly – when you hear the words “Mosaic Walls”, what do you think? Is it a little bit of embellishment on a garden wall? An installation in a subway? A luxurious spa shower background? Or – something else?  Here’s the thing: The built-in durability of mosaic means that it can go anywhere – indoors or outdoors.  It can handle all kinds of conditions, including severe heat, temperatures below zero degrees, and even pool chemicals. It’s also easy to care for. 

This week, we thought we’d shake up your thinking about just what mosaic wall art can be. Let’s look at how versatile it can be, at every scale!

Big – Really Big!

From entire houses to world records, mosaic walls are always evolving. They’re becoming a standard for public art installations in transportation hubs, stretching along streets, and brightening environments everywhere.

Just look at the gazebo above! There are some great details to take in: The way the mosaic art follows the lines of the peaked roof, the small strips of tiles between the framing, and the shift from dark to light colors from bottom to top. Glass tiles that reflect the light, and a cheery, movement-filled design ensures that it’s always a sunny time outdoors.

Image Source : hanoi.for91days.com

If you’re ever in doubt about how far you can go with a mosaic design – let the World’s Longest Mosaic Wall inspire you. Measuring 4.35 miles(!) the Hanoi Mosaic Road in Vietnam was completed in 2010 to commemorate the town’s millennial anniversary. 

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of inspiration along the wall’s route. Many different themes and characters are introduced as the wall crosses the city. You’ll see dragons, ancient deities, and much more!

Image Source : hanoi.for91days.com

Need more encouragement to go big? How about this 6-story tall mosaic installation at the Netflix headquarters in Hollywood?

Created by artist Maggie West, this imposing piece covers the walls of a building on the Netflix campus, where it dwarfs workers moving by on adjacent walkways. Although you might guess that this is a piece of glass mosaic art, it’s actually made from more than 39,000 stainless steel tesserae. 

The glittering effect is meant to mimic the look of an enormous TV screen. Interested in trying a similar look (on a smaller scale)? Imagine having your own Wonder Woman looking over your next movie screening!

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Perfectly Framed

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Why use paint when you can create mosaic wall accents with mosaic? True fact: our mosaic tiles don’t fade! In addition, you don’t have to fit your mosaic art into boxes. Its organic nature application lets you place it wherever you’d like – highlighting and setting off all kinds of architectural and natural features!

Above, the trompe l’oeil mosaic mural has been customized to flow around the doorway. But, there are other ways to punch up the look of walls with mosaic art!

Below, a free-flowing mosaic art wisteria vine wraps itself around a front doorway, highlighting the bright red paint. Accents like these are perfect for any climate – ensuring year-round color, no matter what the weather conditions or temperature!

Image Source : Pinterest

Mosaic art embellishments are also perfect for setting off architectural features in the home. If you’re working with insets, alcoves, or fireplace surrounds that just aren’t landing in your overall decorating scheme – mosaic trim is a fantastic change. Here, a classic border breaks up the monotony of white walls, without overwhelming.

Garden Delights

As you already know – mosaic art is perfect in the garden. What you may not have considered: Using it for contrast and color pop!

Above, a stylized agave cactus provides the perfect backdrop for a growing succulent garden. In time, the splash of color will contrast with the solid greens of the plants, while always remaining vibrant – no matter what the season.

Get the look :

Image Source : Mozaico Images

It’s also a great way to pull in the look of surrounding wall textures and stonework. This mosaic wall is a harmonious addition to the stucco structure and limestone paving. Using rocks gathered nearby, the homeowners created a site-specific design that features a friendly snake and a flowing stream. Nearby, the swimming pool echoes the seaside hues of blue and green.

Image Source : Landscaping Network

Backsplashes of Color

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Adding a colorful backdrop is easy with mosaic walls. From bare patios to water features, behind stoves and above shower stalls, mosaic art designs can transform areas that are traditionally hard to embellish.

It’s not uncommon for contemporary kitchens to suffer from a “Window Deficit”. If your own home is suffering from this malady, consider another use of mosaic walls – backsplashes! This easy remedy to your color deficiency can add a view, a focal point, and much more.

This dreamy seaside view goes wide, bringing the feel of endless ocean beaches to a kitchen. As it blends into the granite countertop, one gets the impression of seaside sand and stone.

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Instant scenic views are available in even windowless showers – just by using your favorite mosaic wall art designs. This set-up is a masterclass in matching hues – with the paint and tiles framing the mosaic art scenes perfectly. Best of all – each of these mosaic designs is waterproof and easy to clean – just like regular tiles.

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Who Needs Wallpaper?

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Image Source : Mozaico Images

Wallpaper is coming back in a big way – but it’s not the greatest in humid environments like pool houses, bathrooms, garden rooms, or even kitchens, on occasion. Mosaic wall art with repeated patterns allows homeowners to get the effect without the hassles!

A bold floral, as seen above and below, can transform even the smallest, drabbest of rooms. Fortunately, there are mosaic art styles that make this look possible – as well as anything you might dream up!

Image Source : Pinterest

A room with mosaic walls can provide a serene, cool oasis for plants and people. The opulent feel of this sunroom is due largely to the floor-to-ceiling mosaic art treatment. However, it’s a low-maintenance way to enjoy summer breezes and the splash of the water features.

Image Source : Pinterest

Mosaic walls can be almost anything your heart desires – from garden art to elegant, low-maintenance interior enhancements.

For your next design project, look to mosaic wall art for a whole new world of possibilities! Be sure to explore all our catalog selections for inspiration, and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest design ideas, art history, and more!



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