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New Vision of an ancient medium: Glass Mosaic Tiles

New Vision of an ancient medium 

Glass Mosaic Tiles 


Are you an art enthusiast?

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When we think of art, most of us start out by having incomplete ideas and, more often than not, the missing element isn’t even common. The missing element of understanding artworks, differs widely among civilizations, art movements and styles. Most of us don’t have a clear idea of what art means. Since it varies largely in styles, inspirations and mediums. 

In this article you’ll discover a new artistic vision of an ancient medium that dates back to around 600 BC. How Artists today are subsequently giving an innovative coil to glass tiles. You’ll also discover how this ancient medium has been influencing modern designs.  

Stupendous smalti glass mosaics inspired us to elect the most beautiful glass mosaic designs and 10 mosaic designers who made revolutionary art pieces so far this year.

Abstract River – Impressionism 

Glass Mosaic Art 

Art Monument 

This abstract glass mosaic river is a fitting description for a meaningful expansion around a detailed balance. Art Monument workshop is one of the few studios who has been designing artistic mosaics of glazes and stained glass in traditional and classical techniques.

artmonument mosaic

Waves adrift – Abstract

Glass Mosaic Art 

Sophie Mosaics 

Sophie Drouin gives a particular attention to natural materials, and enjoy making mosaics that stretch the possibilities of the medium. Behind her abstract mosaics, we can notice an enduring agony of living elements. Drouin is a second-generation mosaic artist, having studied first with her father, who was trained in Italy. After travelling to Europe herself to study in Italy and France. She now gives creative mosaic workshops.

waves mosaic abstract

San Clemente Sunset – Impressionism 

Glass Mosaic Art 

Mia Tavonatti

Tavonatti is known for her dancing mosaic mermaids illustrating the phantasm of a wanderer beauty in the sea of musing swoon! Mia was already featured in several blog articles of ours. We are quite fervent about her mosaic artworks and constantly follow updates of her meditative visions.


The Floral Path – Modern 

Glass Mosaic Art 

Mozaico Art 

Some people say too many cooks spoil the broth. However, Mozaico’s legendary team of numerous mosaic designers was able to create this floral mosaic artwork, worth melting for! This floral mosaic mural illustrates a pond with vibrant lotus flowers against the backdrop of a pond.

Mosaic Glass Floral Art

Autumn Flower – Mandala Collection 

Glass Mosaic Art

David Chidgey

David Chidgey is influenced by many wonders including the great rose windows of Europe, the sacred geometry in nature and kaleidoscopes. With numerous pieces of smalti glass tiles, he creates each mandala with ardent precision, different textures and light effects. The mosaicist’s chief medium is light! 
Photos by Mosaic Artist David Chidgey, all images copyright protected,

Glass Mosaic Art

Horse Head – Impressionism 

Glass Mosaic Art

Ward Art 

Patrick J. Ward is an Irish artist who specializes in making sculptures. He graduated with B.A. honors in Fine & Applied art from University of Ulster, Belfast in 1999. Ever since he started hand-cutting tiles, he embarked on a sensational odyssey in search of the “right” pieces that inherently hold the desirable qualities of color, shape, and texture.

Glass Mosaic Art Horse Head

Plantes carnivores – Modern 

Glass Mosaic Art

Art Seba 

Sébastien Julien is glass mosaic artist who has exhibited his impressionistic mosaic artworks several times at notorious Craft fairs in Montreal. In this mosaic mural. After his recent visit to the museum of Van Gogh, his whole perception changed. The impressionistic vision in the paintings, has been a great influence for Julien. He created a series of impressionistic mosaics. His artworks are a celebration for the indigenous color palette of landscapes.

Glass Mosaic Artwork

Connections – Mandala Collection 

Glass Mosaic Art 

David Chidgey

“Connections” is one of many stupendous glass mandala mosaics in David Chigey’s inventory! In Chidgey’s mosaics, the art of creating images with the assemblage of tiles isn’t combining imperfect and broken fragments. Nevertheless, his mosaics reveal a rich tapestry for the senses. For him the process of creating each mandala is both meditative and healing.  

Photos by Mosaic Artist David Chidgey, all images copyright protected,

Glass Mosaic Art

The Bathing Figures – Reproduction 

Glass Mosaic Art

Mozaico Art

Hylas and Nymph is another imposing glass mosaic artwork. This mosaic is a painting reproduction, to tribute the vision and passion of the artist John William Waterhouse. This oil painting was reproduced with glass pieces, to appear brighter in color and higher in saturation. 

Bathing Figures Mosaic Art

Barques sur la plage – Impressionism 

Glass Mosaic Art

Art Seba 

His art is a journey of imagination and his vision wants to instill tracks to dream. The artist invites us to go through memories and labyrinths hidden in the corners of our lives.

“Barques sur la Plage” is a glass mosaic artwork, adapted from the painting of “Van Gogh”. This artwork deserves to be on the peak of this article and cap our souls with art, colors and creativity.

Mosaic Artwork design

Now that you have learned about glass mosaic tiles, would you think of owning or creating a glass mosaic artwork?
Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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Chantal Menhem

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