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How to Decorate Your Home With Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic Patterns


In visual art patterns are templates that have been used to create a mass of similar garments. Patterns are mainly prevalent in nature. These patterns are typically muddled and linking fractals that never repeat closely. Natural patterns can include a wide variety of geometric shapes; the most common are spirals, waves and cracks. Conversely in art and architecture, patterns can link fractals with precise and complicated geometric ornamentation.

Decorative patterns in art are geometric or any repetitive shape. Decorative patterns are usually noticed in paintings, drawings, tapestries and carpets. Ceramic and mosaic tiling have become common ever since the Sassanid and Roman Empire.Romans used to ornament the floors of their palaces and villas with traditional geometric patterns.

Patterns and geometric themes have been at their peak for a few years now and are so this new year. Here are some tips on how to spread mosaic patterns and geometry in areas of your home that you may have never thought of before. 

In Bathroom

Symmetry in everyday language illustrates a sense of harmony with discreet proportion and balance. This wary bathroom backsplash will add dimension and a lively splash of colors. Symmetric mosaics are usually made with two or three colors. Thus elucidate the symmetry of patterns.  

mosaic patterns


Spiral Mosaic Patterns 

In Patios

According to mathematics a spiral is an arc which radiates from a central point, getting progressively farther away to spin around the point. Spirals are often observes in nature specifically in shells, forming  a logarithmic spiral. Spiral landscape mosaic patterns, made using natural stones have been the craze of the year.  Read More  

Spiral mosaic pattern


Waves Mosaic Patterns 

In Bedroom  

Patterns can vary in shapes, sizes, styles and fractals. This waves mosaic pattern is a complement of colors and an autumn  influence! The shades of earth tone colors against the shades of blue liven up any bedroom and incite passion. Wavy designs are considered monotonous but simple and rustic patterns. 

Waves Mosaic Wallart Pattern


Floral Mosaic Patterns 

In Living Room

Floral mosaic art panels can create a an environment very pleasing to look at. Floral mosaics can make a statement in your home. Decorative tile floors will virtually raise the roof and bring light in your spaces. Create a floral wallpaper, to make it last for years and never fade or discolor.You can also  frame small pieces and add them to your mosaic art collection, the decorative possibilities are endless!

Floor Mosaic Pattern Floral


Moroccan Mosaic Pattern 

In Living Room

Zellige is the Moroccan terra cotta mosaic tile work. It is one of the main characteristics of the Moorish style and architecture.  Moorish architecture has been amplified throughout the Arab regions of North Africa as well as on the Iberian Peninsula. In this living room we can notice the Moroccan influence in the mosaic tile murals. Featuring a geometric floral motif, these murals can also be ideal for stove top kitchen tile backsplash.

Mosaic patterns


Indian Mosaic Pattern 

In Kitchen 

Indian patterns are usually ornamented with brashly over ornate and traditional designs.This Indian mosaic tile pattern is an exquisite mosaic design to add art and dimension to your kitchen or bathroom sinks and backsplashes. Indian tile patterns creates an eye-pleasing addition to any environment. These tiles are often found in old traditional restaurants and historical hotels all around India.    


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