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Dial-Up the Dazzle: Mosaic Wall Art

Dial-Up the Dazzle: Mosaic Wall Art

As I already clarified in a previous article, mosaic, wall has evolved into a sophisticated, yet affordable home interior ornament. This art form marks an adventurous new direction in today’s homes. Now, is the right time to forget everything you thought you knew about mosaic art. The stalwartly minimalist, antique, and pricey home ornament has a completely new course. In a recent collaboration with mosaic artists, architects, and artisans, the art form has released a new vision, to transform this antique, traditional mosaic art of Byzantine and Roman eras into a contemporary, yet fashionable ornament. Taking a nod from the latest decorative avant-garde aesthetic, mosaic art is plastering everything from walls and ceilings, to floors, landscapes, and home accessories.

mosaic wall art

In today’s review, I’ll be talking about the skill of selecting wall art for your home, which requires a careful balance: for as much as you want the artwork to stand out, you don’t want it to dominate the space.

mosaic wall art

Still figuring out what to do with that bare wall? This article offers some helpful tips on how to effectively bring mosaic wall art into your dwelling, and choosing the right bold pattern or tantalizing textures for your interior.

  • Bold Pattern

A great starting point for selecting a mosaic wall art is to opt for a striking pattern. This can be a richly colored motif that picks up on the historic majolica tradition, or it can be more streamlined and geometric. The key is to ensure that the design and color will fit with your interior. For example, if you are contemplating a bold color or very intricate pattern for a tiled floor, you don’t want to have your furniture clash with an overpowering floral pattern.

mosaic wall art

mosaic wall art

Instead, you might want to temper that richness with clean colored walls and mutely toned furniture. If such a clash is too worrisome for you, then you might want to consider a corresponding color of tile, such as this featured turquoise pattern recently showcased in House of Turquoise.

mosaic wall art

  • Tasteful Texture

If color is too concerning, then you can also opt for textured tile motifs. This texture can take shape in two ways. The first is the creation of a color gradient that conveys a visual sense of texture (not that unlike mosaic designs). Another option, though, is a mosaic that actually has surface texture. Three-dimensional tiles that are carved or inlaid are a rising trend in tile art, and they are guaranteed to create a sense of visual splendor even when rendered in the tamest of colors.

mosaic wall art

mosaic wall art

  • Accent Anew

If patterned wall art isn’t persuasive and dimensional tile doesn’t wow, fear not: there are still ways to incorporate mosaic wall art into your home. Perhaps the best way to begin adding mosaics to your interior is to start small: rethink a tile backsplash, for instance, or add a small strip of inlaid pattern within your tile foyer floor. When you start with such accents, you can both learn about installation and also gain insight as to what types of colors and patterns appeal to you the most.mosaic wall artmosaic wall art

Last but not least, mosaic wall art can carry your interior from boring to brilliant with even the subtlest of patterns or textures. Its versatility as a medium lends itself to any space, so take these examples as inspiration as you begin contemplating how to add mosaics to your living space. 

How would you define these mosaic wall art ideas, and if you had the chance to pick one of these for your home, which design would you choose and why? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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