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Christmas Mosaic Ornaments: Lighting up The Streets

As the days draw closer to Christmas, it’s a perfect time to enjoy the unmistakable sounds of shoppers and merrymakers preparing for the holidays. Our streets will soon be transformed into magical wonderlands of modern and traditional Christmas ornaments! Some displays are so incredible to inspire wanderers from all over the globe to visit them every year.

 The elucidating December Festival of Light in Amsterdam and London’s spectacular light extravaganzas are truly magnificent when they twinkle in Christmas lights, and many other cities around the world are arguably just as festive and brilliant!  

Let’s take the long way around the world to enjoy some of the most whimsical Christmas mosaic lights along the streets!

Amsterdam: Light Festival

Amsterdam gears up for the season with over 35 creative lights ornaments from international artists, designers, and architects. In the Christmas Canal Parade, dozens of boats are expected to deck out with fabulous glows through the canals past fairy scenes! A number of gospel choirs along the cruise will reinforce the affectionate Christmas vibe.

In brief, this is a stimulating experience that brings Christmas cheer to your stay in Amsterdam this holiday season!




Warsaw, Poland

At any time of year, there are many tourists wandering in Warsaw, and the holiday season is no exception. Warsaw is a great destination with a wealth of history and culture to be discovered! During the holidays,  this Polish capital is lit up with beautiful Christmas and Tropic Light displays. Of course, the famous castle square celebrates with the amazingly twinkling street lights, and creative mosaic-like installations.
Don’t miss the Ice rinks in its holiday attire, and don’t forget to warm up with some mulled wine and try the creative seasonal specialties!

Christmas-in Warsaw-



Frankfurt Christmas Markets

If you’ve ever wished to experience the wonderful wintertime charm of the old age, then the Frankfurt Christmas Market is the place for you! In December, Frankfurt’s historical old town is cheerfully illuminated by thousands of fairy lights reflecting through the windows of the square’s traditional half-timbered houses. 

If there’s one thing not to miss in Frankfurt is having a hot Applewine and almond candies next to Germany’s brightest Merry-go-around!

Christmas Markets-Frankfurt



Belgium: Bruges or Brussels?

If you’ve ever wished to embark on a comic-strip walk, then wandering in Belgium is the right stroll!  This medieval Belgian city provides the perfect setting for Christmas ornaments and light installations, as well as other creative festivities!

Brussels is a city of several undertones and multilayers, while Bruges is a picturesque city in Flanders. The small town ambiance in Bruges lends an intimacy that’s exceptional among other heavily visited destinations in Brussels. The romantic lights, waterways, and architecture all combine to form a perfect location for Christmas ornaments, markets, and festivities!




Budapest, Hungary

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas ornaments in Hungary is the fast regional train of Budapest ornamented with mosaic lights appearing like swirling stars during the night. This light installation perhaps is the most creative and the brightest Christmas Light ever.

While in Budapest enjoy the smell of traditional honey cookies, mulled wine, cinnamon, from afar. The rich fragrant will simply lure you to the market!




Tokyo, Japan

Although in theory, the Tokyo residents don’t celebrate Christmas, however, they outdo themselves with the holiday spirit in creating one of the season’s most magical lights and designs installation. At this time of year, Tokyo is excelled with illuminations, of holiday lights that pop up all over the city.

The must-see destinations are Omotesando, Marunouchi and the Tokyo Dome, all which promise to have an impressive expedition, and make for an enchanted stroll!

Couple sits under a street lamp in a park near Christmas lights



Regent Street, London

This year’s Regent Street Christmas lights are set to be the street’s most ambitious Christmas illuminations ever, and the largest scheme in central London. Named ‘The Spirit of Christmas’, the designs are a modern reimagining of the very first Regent Street Christmas lights from 1954, which were lit-up angels! 

Many city dwellers hightail out of town for the holidays, so you practically get it to yourself and have the chance to witness the magnificent illuminations that pop up across the city.




What’s your favorite city to spend Christmas? Will you be traveling to any of the destinations of my list?

Point out your thoughts in the comment box below.

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