30 Jul 2021

Commemorative Mosaics

Commemorating the loss of a loved one is a highly personal task. Bringing together the special memories, strong feelings, and many nuances of their effect on the world is like assembling a mosaic. We’ve talked about the connection between mosaic art and literature in the past – our blog on
26 Jul 2021

Mid Century Mosaic Design Icons the Ackermans

Mid-Century Modern design (commonly known as “MCM” among fans) is more popular than ever. It’s not just nostalgia that’s spurred the enthusiasm of designers and homeowners. The clean lines, cool pops of color, and stylish use of shapes seem just as fresh in the 21st century. Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman
15 Jul 2021

Mosaic Discoveries in Norwich England Inspire Travel

Mosaic news from around the world is always exciting and inspirational for those of us who love it. This month, the latest discovery comes from Norfolk County in England. Although this area bordering the North Sea is rich with Roman history and archeological finds, this piece is more recent. Here’s
07 Jul 2021

Are Mosaic Floors Slippery?

Mosaic designs are an inspired choice for floors – and one that may not occur to you as you style your home. Durable, non-fading, and luxurious, mosaic art has infinite options. It’s also practical! Our customers are sometimes curious about how well our mosaics will perform on their floors –
28 Jun 2021

From Street Art to Your Own Home – Floor Mosaic Designs are Full of Inspiration!

When you’re out exploring the world this summer, don’t forget to – look down! You might be surprised at the mosaic artwork that will meet your feet! Creating a great reminder of how mosaic designs can add life to any surface, artists such as Ememem and Jim Bachor use the
17 Jun 2021

EcoDesign and Mosaic : A Perfect Partnership

Have you been interested in adding more sustainable design features to your home? When you’re thinking about environmental impact in your daily life, it’s often related to energy use or recycling. However, a growing number of companies – like Mozaico – utilize EcoDesign principles to produce useful and aesthetically pleasing