03 Jul 2019

8 Must-Visit Places in the US with Mosaic Art

Mosaic art designs aren’t just for your home, or something you see in Europe. If you’re starting to get interested in this ancient art form, you’re likely to start noticing it everywhere. As we continue with our summer road trip series, we’ve located 8 outstanding examples of mosaic art throughout
03 Apr 2019

Everything You Need to Know About the Baroque Art

Often confused due to its overlap with the renaissance period, baroque is an artistic current that have left a huge mark on art. Baroque art has very extravagant influences. They are easily recognized because of the fine elements and details that focus on emotions rather than logic and geometry. Everything
20 Mar 2019

The Versace Mansion – Design Inspiration and Mosaic Art Showcase

It might be the exposure from American Crime Story, but the legendary Versace Mansion in Miami, Florida is one of the most visited tourist destinations in South Beach. Or, it could simply be that the legendary style of Gianni Versace is still a forceful draw for anyone who loves the
06 Mar 2019

The Coolest Lamp Shades That Include Mosaic Art

For centuries, mosaic art has been considered one of the most beautiful forms of art, dating back to the early Roman days, when tiles were used to decorate baths and villas. Only the rich and wealthy were able to enjoy these mosaic art pieces, which have long stood as proof
26 Feb 2019

Stunning Ways to Use Mosaic Wall Art

Mankind has been compelled to decorate the walls of their homes since the beginning. The  most ancient examples have meanings that are lost in time: animal figures, geometric shapes, scenes of activities. We can view through the lens of our current world, and have not a clue about what their
09 Jan 2019

Mosaic Art for Home Improvement

After you finish decorating your home, it may still feel incomplete. If your home needs that something else, what you are looking for may well be a mosaic. The great thing about mosaic art is that they are available in any design imaginable and are suitable for almost any area