28 Apr 2016

The Tantalizing History of Tile Art

From elegant enamel to precise patterns, tile art and its incorporation into mosaic form have been a means for artistic and individual expression for millennia. This rich history continues to grow today, as designers and decorators are increasingly embracing the art of tile and its melding into mosaic as a means of conjuring a more dynamic interior. Where does the story of tile begin, though? This blog offers a brief glimpse into the medium’s enduring and engaging past in hopes of both informing and inspiring our readers to make the leap into mosaic art.
25 Apr 2016

Mosaic vs. Tile Art: Everything You Need to Know

One of the most common questions people ask me is “What is the difference between mosaic and tile art?” Now, you might think the difference is obvious – but it turns out there’s a lot of confusion about both skills, and many people believe they have a mosaic artwork when in fact they have a tile artwork. So, let’s clear things up! Perhaps the painless, yet most suitable, difference would be that “Tile Art” is primarily the product of craftsmanship and skill, while a mosaic artwork is invested with an emotional, philosophical, spiritual or esthetic quality that reaches beyond. This article is an exploration of the origins of two time-honored art forms and an attempt to understand the difference between both, and thus how Mosaic and Tile Art have documented and shaped history!
19 Apr 2016

Istanbul: The Tile Art Story

Istanbul turned out to be one of my favorite cities in the world. I went without any expectations and was blown away by the country’s cultures, colors and scents. It is a dream destination, located in the edge of Europe where east meets west. Connecting the two continents, the city hides layers of history, culture and art. The architecture, the handicrafts, everything in Istanbul tells a story. Below you’ll find an overview of the Tile Art story in Istanbul, and discover why tile art is the most widely known among the famous Turkish handicrafts. Some outstanding Tile artworks of the traditional culture and the contemporary world follow suit
30 Mar 2016

Christian Mosaics within the Church of Transfiguration

“Hearkening back to one of the earliest forms of church architecture, the Church of the Transfiguration gave a 21st-century expression to this ancient design from which all Christians can trace their heritage.” – Community of Jesus (an ecumenical Christian community in the Benedictine monastic tradition).
29 Mar 2016

14 Surprising Facts About The Modern Art Movements

Most people know three things about Modern Art Movements: “Modern art” is a broad term which refers to art produced during the years 1870-1970. “Modern art” witnessed many of the great international art movements, and also gave birth to entirely new forms of creative expression Impressionism is the first distinctly modern movement in painting. However there are a lot of things about Modern Art Movements you probably didn’t know about. Here are 14 surprising facts you probably didn’t know about the major trends and movements in modern art, approximately dated to when they began, or when they gained prominence.
20 Mar 2016

Mosaics Of 5 Cities In Asia You Won’t Believe Are Real Places

As we are celebrating the International Earth and the spring equinox, let’s take a peek at the wholly magical places that are actually here, on the planet Earth, and specifically in Asia. From the city of ghosts arriving to the sacred land, Asia is pretty wicked with its wonders.Here are 5 the most beautiful mosaics of 5 unearthly-looking cities in Asia, that will make your eyes pop and jaws drop.