07 Dec 2016

Get Decorative This Christmas!

It is the time of the year when families get together, hearts rejoice, and serenity prevails. Just like a mosaic, pieces of genuine love and joy assemble to form a grand masterpiece called Christmas. Bring a unique touch to your home by decorating it with a set of ornaments that
11 Feb 2016

Year of the Monkey: 8 Fascinating Facts

Want to know how can you Gregorian date of birth, reveal your sign in the lunar calendar? What lies in wait for you in the Year of the Monkey 2016-2017? Here are 8 fascinating facts about the Year of the Monkey to help celebrate this holiday:
02 Feb 2016

Mosaic Wall Art: Valentine Color Palette

his month’s color palette is veneration to passionate tinges, transcending all districts and decorative standards. I recently mentioned in my previous article a craze of intense shades raiding the boutiques, galleries and stores displays. Where I also stated, a serene color harmony in 2016’s palette. Valentine’s Day has become a long way from its roots as a day honoring St. Valentine. The holiday currently settles in nicely between New Year’s and approaching spring, suggesting us a chance to demonstrate our love and affection. The collection of decorative standards began to emerge as the day altered love and relationships, where it became a great opportunity for sending cards and other gadgets. Red, for example, the passionate color and passion is important when it comes to you and your Valentine. According to the psychology of color, perceiving red increases the heart rate, reminiscent of being in love. However Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about the pearly pinks and rosy reds, and choosing quixotic colors and color palettes beyond pink can launch a world of decorative possibilities! Wondering how to pick a new color combination to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Want to get started on your Valentine’s special decor inspiration? Curious about color combos that evoke passion, lust, comfort, and plain old love? In this article I’ll help you narrow down the latest trends of colors and color combos, and how to make your Valentine’s Day more enthusiastic, with serene and chalky hues! You will also get inspired by the serene color harmony in 2016’s palette, which I aforementioned in previous color forecasts.
14 Dec 2015

Mosaic Wall Art: Christmas Color Palette

This season’s color palette is an homage to the hues of Holidays, an inspiration from the bright poinsettia, sifting the last rays of the year! Inspired to add a festive holiday cheer to your home, aren’t you? Curious about the latest trends of colors? In this article I’ll help you discover this season’s Christmas-inspired hues, and how to make your season sparkle! You will also discover how these colors will invite a warm scenery to your snowy environment!
16 Nov 2015

Mosaics: Create a Welcoming Thanksgiving Atmosphere

Hosting a seasonal dinner and not sure where to start? Want to get everything organized and done in time? Hosting Thanksgiving for the first time or even the tenth getting is always threatening. It’s always hard to know where to start. With Thanksgiving just days away, now is the big time to ponder one big question: Who’s ready?
30 Oct 2015

Mosaic Designs: Expect Splendor This November!

November is here! That’s right November is here and the holiday season is in full sway, but there’s still time for a quick splash of style! What else could be better than mosaic designs to split and elucidate the casts? What about a design that you don’t have to worry about storing in the off-season!? In this article you’ll discover how to bring the beauty and splendor of November holiday decorations, how to pick the right mosaic designs, and also you’ll discover how to use mosaic designs as holiday decoration, all year long!