28 Feb 2017

How To Install Your New Mosaic Art

Choosing the right mosaic for your interior can be a daunting process, so the fact that you’ve achieved this point is worth a little celebration! So now that you’ve already selected the motif and pattern of your new mosaic, it’s finally time to take the project to the next step: how to install this mosaic. Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry, but hiring a professional to install your mosaic can be quite expensive.Thus, preparing and getting trained well in advance can make the daunting task a piece of cake!
16 Feb 2017

10 Ideas for mosaic art care that you need

Do you own a piece of Mosaic Art? Feeling like it’s looking shabby? Or maybe you just bought a new one and want to keep it looking that way. In both cases, this article is for you! Mosaics are known to be long lasting, but owning a stylish mosaic art
21 Dec 2015

How to Turn a Photo Into a Mosaic? 5 Ways You Need to Know!

Today I’m not going to show you how to make a stone art mosaic with step-by-step instructions. A simple search can do this for you. In this article I intend to illustrate a swift summary on free tools to help you transform your images and patterns, into mosaic designs and patterns. At the end of the day, most mosaic designers are self-taught, and technology today is helping us take more control over our own culture. Ever since I noticed the load of information about mosaic art, I thought of comparing it to the worldwide mosaic community. Although I couldn’t find plenty and I actually knew that our community is very small, but I noticed a passionate extroversion, and fervor to spread the knowledge and love of mosaic around the globe!
16 Nov 2015

Mosaics: Create a Welcoming Thanksgiving Atmosphere

Hosting a seasonal dinner and not sure where to start? Want to get everything organized and done in time? Hosting Thanksgiving for the first time or even the tenth getting is always threatening. It’s always hard to know where to start. With Thanksgiving just days away, now is the big time to ponder one big question: Who’s ready?
09 Oct 2015

How to Wall up the Moisture with Mosaic Wall Art

If left unrepaired, water damaged home interiors will continue to worsen, it might be time to consider a sweeping yet searing renovation: incorporating a mosaic wall art to your interior. Installing a mosaic wall art into your interior is a guaranteed way to wall up the moisture accumulation, water damage and add an air of utmost style to your spaces! But where does one begin, and how does a mosaic wall up the damage?
mosaic sample
16 Jul 2015

Ideas to Improve Your Bathroom Décor

Have you ever complained about how hard it is to improve your bathroom decor? Here are a few basic and simple ideas to inspire you through your bathroom decoration or renovation!