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Best Mosaic Countertop Ideas For Your Next Project

When you want your kitchen, bar, or bathroom to really stand out, you should consider using a mosaic countertop. The reasons for moving this option to the top of your list of ideas are many: unique looks, almost infinite customization, durability, and yes, a definite DIY aspect can be part of adding this cool and chic design element to your decor.

If you’re new to the idea, think about how very tough mosaic tile can be. Back in ancient Greece and Rome, artists were mastering the art of mosaic. They gave us a name for the manufactured small tiles that were used to create exacting pieces that resembled paintings: “tesserae”, and they left a long-lasting legacy. After centuries, mosaic art from ancient times is still vibrant and beautiful, even after use as flooring and exposure to conditions far from museum standards. 

Stag Hunt Mosaic from the House of the Abduction of Helen at Pella, ancient Macedonia, late 4th century BC – Image from Wikimedia Commons

Today, mosaic art is put to work in all types of environments, indoor and outdoor. Designs that you might have delegated to a backsplash or wall can actually be terrific for horizontal surfaces, too. Let’s take a look at some ideas that will have you thinking about any countertop projects in a whole new way.

Brave Combos

Tile mosaic is a natural for letting your imagination and personal aesthetics come out in your decorating. Any color can be used in any combination, resulting in a free-form jubilee of pattern and self-expression.

This artist’s kitchen in Venice Beach, CA is a definite one-off. Utilizing both found and custom pieces, their design bounces from the backsplash to counter and further.

Image from Atlas Obscura

This mosaic countertop uses tropical colors and glass mosaic tile pieces to create a private oasis. Combined with the simplicity of solid wood colors, and pulling tones from the more neutral colors of the stucco walls, it works with both the carefully chosen wall art and plants.

Image from Pinterest

If you’re drawn to the more abstract patterns, there are wonderful abstract designs that are ready to go for your own installation. Here’s one that uses a swirling repeated motif in bright colors. It looks fantastic with all types of colors since it balances the warm and cool tones within its style.

Not all mosaic countertops have to use such saturated and intense colors. Here, the same idea of a patchwork of tile sizes and shapes is used with a more subdued color scheme. The clear glass sink basin and the cool contemporary look of the minimal sink hardware really set the beauty of the patterns off in this bathroom mosaic.

Image from Pinterest

The bright primary colors on this surface are like the swirl of a child’s kaleidoscope. The cabinets are kept light and white, while the drawer pulls and cabinet handles continue the playful color scheme. 

Image from Pinterest

Here’s an idea to liven up the area around a work sink in a utility area or mudroom. It uses the edge and limited counter space to add colorful blues to this compact work area. With the toughness of mosaic tiles, it will easily handle the rough-and-tumble activities, and add a cheerful note to an otherwise overlooked area.

Image from Pinterest

Under the Sea

Marine motifs are a natural for bathrooms and outdoor pool spaces. Likewise, mosaic countertops that feature aquatic flora and fauna are a popular way to bring a bit of charm to these areas. Often done in the cool colors of water and ocean, they can be as sweet or sophisticated as the homeowner desires.

Utilizing round tiles to great effect, this bathroom sink surround evokes bubbles and schools of fish. The ceramic sink is a great counterpart to the greens of the fish swimming along the counter. 

Image from Pinterest

A similar feel can be achieved with a design like this. With a variety of sea creatures mosaics and the central figure of an octopus, it adds a sophisticated pebble-toned background and can be adapted to many countertop sizes. 

Working with the watery tones, but not as realistic, this simple sink and countertop done in Vitruvian tiles evoke the same themes, but not in a way that competes. This would be an excellent feature in a poolside cabana, or in conjunction with a more elaborate piece of mosaic wall art. 

Here, custom mosaic tile insets bring life to a stone-like countertop. This look is made possible by modern technology, allowing custom cutouts to be added to surfaces by using a router that traces the design. 

Image from Pinterest

For anyone looking for something a bit more exotic, adding a sea serpent mosaic to any countertop surface would add a note of watery intrigue to any room. This would be a great touch in a lake home or for any fans of medieval monsters. 

In a more literal look at seaside life, this surface brings in the feel of a sandy shore, using salvaged tiles and bits of seaglass. It would be hard to not feel like every day was off to a sunny start if you had this for a kitchen counter.

Image from Pinterest

Nostalgic Tastes

Mosaic countertops lend themselves well to concepts that reference the past in new ways. From your grandmother’s china, to heirloom quilts, crocheted afghans, or textiles from your childhood, these patterns are used to great effect. 

Broken china meshes with a hand-painted effect on this counter. The soft tones are perfect for a cottage-style home. The light sandy grout is used widely to really set off the individual pieces of lovely floral tiles.

Image from Pinterest

In this treatment, the length of the counter is used to set off a variety of old-fashioned china patterns. If you’re a fan of the mix-and-match look of the new country table looks, this idea is perfect. It allows the same bohemian feel to grace your dining space, even if you’re just sitting down for a quick meal or using the counter as a work area. 

Image from Pinterest

Here’s a smaller, but bold use of recycled china on a bath sink. It would be utterly charming in a small half bath or in small apartment or tiny home setting. With just enough room to keep essentials on top, but easy to keep tidy, this vintage look is complemented by the simple sink fixtures that were chosen.

Image from Pinterest

The use of square tiles, each with their own pattern, brings a favorite patchwork quilt to mind. No great skill is needed for laying out the design, other than an eye for what makes the viewer happy. 

Image from Pinterest

If your love of vintage textiles leans towards the eclectic charms of “crazy quilts” – the seemingly random, but actually artfully designed bedspread patterns, you’ll love this countertop idea. 

Image from Pinterest

The exuberance and geometric shapes of this design are quite reminiscent of a vintage crocheted afghan and can be appreciated no matter what the time of year.  The colors are fantastic and would be perfect in a home that celebrates vintage style. There are hints of the color schemes of the mid-1950s through the rusty shades and avocado greens of the 1970s in this piece of countertop art.

For a similar effect, one can utilize a mosaic design that combines strongly delineated blocks that contain smaller repeated patterns. This one, in a crisp blue and white, gives the same feeling, while containing the color scheme to one. 

Floral Bounty

Flower mosaics, branches, and other botanical elements are design staples, and lend themselves very well to a repeated pattern or single bold graphic on a surface. These mosaic countertop ideas are loosely bound together by subject, but leave plenty of room for individual interpretation of style and color.

The strength of the mosaic patterns in this bathroom evokes garden design at its best. Without overdoing the floral elements, the colors still remind anyone seeing it of summery blooms and overhanging branches. The earthenware style of the sink basin adds just the right touch of outdoor style to the mix, with a finish that looks like a fine Italian planter. 

Image from Pinterest

These kitchen mosaic counters don’t hold back. With a vining flower zooming upwards, butterflies busily working, and a simple terracotta-hued edging treatment, they would blend perfectly with paver tiles and a rustic patio setting. 

Image from Pinterest

The appeal of this bright surface lies in the lack of details. While it doesn’t look like any particular flower, it has the naive charm of a folk painting. It continues to feel like the best of a tropical garden, without the distraction of a strong single motif. It shines like a piece of art, inviting a clean slate after any kitchen mosaic work!

Image from Pinterest

This sophisticated look uses the shape of the sink and the large mirrors to really make a smaller surface pop with energy. The colors are intense but work with the space to keep it from feeling confined. The six-sided sink adds another bold note to the whole presentation. It’s a great example of combining mosaic art with existing features to overcome any shortcomings.

Image from Pinterest

A central design set into a more monochromatic color field is always stunning, as in the way that this single flower and hummingbird mosaic enliven a sunroom. The glass accents in the tilework are used to bring out the texture of the bloom.

Image from Pinterest

A similar play on texture can be seen in this floral mosaic motif. The glittery qualities of individual tiles add depth and interest to the more abstract blossoms. This would be a stunning way to accent an outdoor bar top, with the moonlight or lanterns bringing out the inner glow of the piece. Perfect for a magical night in warm weather.

Picking out your favorite mosaic countertop ideas may be the most fun you’ve had planning your next project. Be sure to visit our online catalog for as many types of mosaic art as you could ever imagine, and enjoy mapping out your next design!



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