13 May 2016

Floral Mosaic Patterns That Will Make Your Mood Blossom

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year (maybe excluding those with hay fever), but not to worry – our article depicts floral patterns that are confined to your wall; not your allergies! After the 1960’s Flower Power movement, floral designs declined steeply in popularity. However, the most powerful symbol within nature is making its comeback in recent years, transmitting a unique summery wave throughout your living space, energizing and enhancing your interior design. It seems as though everything seems to fall into place during spring-summer as nature exhibits its beauty, setting up the foundation for the food chain as a new productive season begins for surrounding flora and fauna. Flowers start to bloom and gradually the scenery transforms itself into a living canvas filled with vibrant colors, accents, shapes and textures.
03 May 2016

4 Unique Mosaic Patterns to update your Decor

There are two key points to be taken in consideration when it comes to utilizing mosaic tiles. If you wish to make the most out of the mosaic tiles always ensure the careful selection of the size and color according to the space soon to be decorated. Moreover make sure to select the suitable material according to the room’s natural conditions and purposes in order to optimize practicality and durability aspects of the mosaic. Utilizing mosaic tiles you add an exclusive accent and a synchronous classy character to your interior design that always meets and expresses any personal taste! Mosaic patterns exhibit a rich artistic history and establish a refined style throughout the decor, obviously guaranteeing supreme quality.
18 Apr 2016

Mosaic Art by Yulia Hanansen

Yulia Hanansen is a contemporary mosacaist that surpasses all expectations when it comes to the quality and innovation witnessed within her mosaic projects. The American artist has been trained from an early age into the classic European mosaic practice, specializing in the utilization of stained glass material in order to create her vibrant detailed wonders. Having an extensive educational background in art and design, the gifted mosaicaist has developed a unique approach to traditional mosaic manufacturing throughout her career, by introducing a practice called the “layered mosaic” technique. This technique gives a multi-dimensional impression, providing an exceptional sentiment of illusion.
08 Apr 2016

Religious Mosaic Portrayal Artistry

“The highest art is always the most religious, and the greatest artist is always a devout person.” Abraham Lincoln Many argue about what art is and how deeply embodied it is in our cultural and religious life. Although there is isn’t a established definition of what art is, in this article we will attempt to aid you in understanding what the essence of art is and thus how art has embodied itself in religious expressionism. Some outstanding religious mosaics of the ancient and modern world follow suit. So what is Art?
04 Apr 2016

Latest Mosaic Art Tile Trends

Mosaic tiles in home interiors are constantly rising in popularity due to their versatile nature and ability to promote a modern, yet intimate decor. We would like to introduce you and familiarize you with some of the latest trends seen throughout the interior design spectrum, in turn – aiding you to make conclusive decisions regarding your personal taste in mosaic tiles.
30 Mar 2016

Christian Mosaics within the Church of Transfiguration

“Hearkening back to one of the earliest forms of church architecture, the Church of the Transfiguration gave a 21st-century expression to this ancient design from which all Christians can trace their heritage.” – Community of Jesus (an ecumenical Christian community in the Benedictine monastic tradition).