Covid art mosaic
12 Jun 2020

Breaking Mosaic News: Mosaic Portraits, Public Art And More!

Don’t worry – new ideas for mosaic tile art are created every day! Just because we’re staying put doesn’t mean inspiration is lacking. Since we’ve been seeking out dreamy exotic vacation destinations, cool ideas for activities, and the latest decor trends, we want to share the latest mosaic art news. 
mosaic portrait
01 Jun 2020

The Top Mosaic Portraits from Around the Globe

Mosaic portraits have been around seemingly forever. The durability of the materials used: marble, glass, and tile are some common examples – ensure that mosaic art images last for centuries.  To illustrate how these likenesses have been eternally popular, we’ll look at some of the best pieces from around the
Memorial Day Mosaic
23 May 2020

Memorial Day: Setting their Memory in Stone through Mosaic Art

Honoring Memorial Day through art is an everlasting for of expression that will immortalize any memory and preserve it forever! “Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.” – Eileen Miller Interacting with art is well-known to be a healing and therapeutic act. During the
21 May 2020

Humorous Mosaic Artwork Inspired by the Pandemic

Have you heard the joke about the mosaic artist and his girlfriend, the tile maker? It was a bad break-up.  Bad puns aside, we can all use a little humor right now as we deal with the COVID19 pandemic.  Taking it to the streets Mosaic artist Jim Bachor, whom we’ve
Alexander mosaic portrait
14 May 2020

Mosaic Portraits Immortalizing Moments: Alexander Mosaic & More

Romans Didn’t Have Cameras If you’re fascinated with Roman history of mosaics, you might wonder how we know so much about their civilization and daily lives.  Food, clothing, sporting events, their activities, and their gods are well known. So, how did ancient Romans capture those special moments?  Would you believe
Mosaic Cities
04 May 2020

Mosaic Art Rich Cities to Visit After this Quarantine

Are you missing your travel plans? The coronavirus travel restrictions and lifestyle changes have cancelled a lot of 2020 vacations. We’re all waiting to see what will happen next with overseas travel and our own schedules. Meanwhile, those exotic destinations we’re seeing in movies and on reality shows are tempting