22 Apr 2022

Spa Bathroom Ideas To Try Now

Need a spa day? Turning your bathroom into a private retreat is within your reach. A day spa atmosphere at your home is possible when you include your favorite relaxing features from your favorite getaway. When COVID cut back on our spa visits, we learned that creating our own special
14 Apr 2022

From Central Park to Liverpool – One Mosaic Art Project’s Journey

Completing a special mosaic for a customer in the UK was more interesting than we ever…Imagined. This week, we’re sharing the story of a wonderful mosaic art project commission that involves big hearts, big mosaics, a brush with some big names – and a heartwarming conclusion. The History of the
08 Apr 2022

Mosaic-Spotting in Movies and TV

It seems that Hollywood – especially Netflix – has taken quite a shine to the look of mosaic art. When not using Mozaico pieces in their series – watch for our pieces in “Ozark” and “Orange is the New Black” – they’re using mosaics for their new campus.  Their new
31 Mar 2022

Fun Mosaic Facts to Inspire and Surprise

An interest in mosaic art can cover a wide range of topics. Looking for something to talk about at your next gathering? Stuck on a long flight to your vacation destination? There’s a mosaic-related subject that you can bring up!  Skeptical? Well, we’re about to provide enough fuel for many
25 Mar 2022

Learn About Ukranian Mosaic Art

Ukraine is at the center of world news right now – drawing attention not only to its residents, but also its culture. As we learn more about the country’s history, we’ve grown aware of its deeply rooted traditions and working artists. As we appreciate Ukrainian art, we also appreciate its
17 Mar 2022

Art Therapy – Good for Everyone!

Creating art is for everyone – and it turns out that it’s also good for us, too! If you’ve read much about art therapy, you’re probably familiar with the benefits. It can help anyone, of any age, who’s in recovery, healing from grief or trauma, or experiencing profound life changes.