28 Apr 2016

The Tantalizing History of Tile Art

From elegant enamel to precise patterns, tile art and its incorporation into mosaic form have been a means for artistic and individual expression for millennia. This rich history continues to grow today, as designers and decorators are increasingly embracing the art of tile and its melding into mosaic as a means of conjuring a more dynamic interior. Where does the story of tile begin, though? This blog offers a brief glimpse into the medium’s enduring and engaging past in hopes of both informing and inspiring our readers to make the leap into mosaic art.
06 Nov 2015

Honoring History: The World’s Earliest Mosaic art from Mesopotamia

If you’re avoiding that mosaic you’ve always wanted in your home because you’re worried about whether or not it will go out of style, fear not: as history tells us, the mosaic art form is one of the most timeless, as its beauty has been celebrated over the past several millennia. Why should we look so far back in time? On the one hand, it reassures us that the field of mosaic design will forever be a perennial favorite. On the other, it allows us to mine the past for mosaic ideas that we can revive in the present . . . talk about timeless!
29 Oct 2015

The Magnificence of Mosaic Wall Art: The Evolution from Glum to Glam

Creating a piece of mosaicpatterns for your interior will not only add a blast of beauty to your space but it will also make you part of a rich tradition of such decoration that dates back thousands of years. While evolutions occurred in mosaic techniques over these generations, one of the most revolutionary was the transition occurring during the days of the Byzantine Empire (330-1453). Can you guess this one small shift that changed the course of mosaic history? Simply put: the mosaic moved from the floor to the wall.
14 Oct 2015

Technical Tidbits: The intricacies of Installing a Mosaic art

If you’re reading this blog, then congratulations are in order! You’ve most likely determined that you want to install a mosaic in your interior, and perhaps you’ve also already decided what motif or pattern you’d like your mosaic to take. This can be a lengthy process, so the fact that you’ve reached this point in the design process is worthy of at least a little celebration. Now the next hurdle: how to install this mosaic. You can of course turn to a professional for installation, but depending on the scale and scope of your mosaic, the cost of an expert can escalate quickly. Installing a mosaic mural yourself does not need to be daunting if you spend the time preparing and planning in advance. This blog compiles some helpful hints for the mosaic installation process to ensure your mosaic goes up without a hitch.
07 Oct 2015

Change the entire design outlook of your bathroom by adding a mosaic pattern

Nothing makes for a more inviting bathroom than an artfully rendered backsplash. Offering an air of refinement, mosaic tile backsplashes also amplify the room’s sense of relaxation, a sanctuary away from the stresses of the day. Furthermore, the addition of a tile mosaic can tie together your entire design outlook, from modern to more rustic. If you’re seeking some inspiration to design your bathroom’s new backsplash, read on for some exciting suggestions.
25 Sep 2015

Modern VS Traditional: Tile Art & Mosaic Pattern Story

If your marble tile isn’t making the grade or your carpet is a catastrophe, it might be time to consider a radical yet radiating renovation: adding a floor mosaic to your interior. Incorporating a mosaic into your interior is a guaranteed way to wow your visitors and add an air of utmost sophistication to your room. But where does one begin?