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10 Artists Who Have Been Making 3D Mosaic Art Longer Than You Think

Cover Photo: Courtesy of Giulio Menossi

3D Mosaic art has gone wide. Maybe not completely mainstream, however, a lot of visual artists are making their way as mosaicists, and a lot of art galleries and festivals are embracing the art form as an integral part of their shows.

These 10 mosaicists have been in the mosaic scene way longer than you think, some are popular, some are up-and-coming, some are, well, awe-inspiring!

Giulio Menossi

Starting off this list with one of the biggest mosaicists names from Italy, the country that hosts some of the world’s most impressive mosaics.

Though Menossi has been making mosaic art since the early age of 18, he first began garnering true public attention in1976, when he developed his own rich and expressive mosaic technique and went on to become one of the world’s most inspiring 3d mosaicists.

Copyrighted Credits to Giulio Menossi



GIULIO MENOSSI-Mosaicartwork

Liliana Waisman

Before becoming a successful mosaic artist in her own right, Liliana was an influential architect. She started to gain distinction after she began her career as a tutor in national and international events related to mosaic art.

Following this success,  Liliane has been the subject of numerous major exhibitions. She has been making headlines recently with her spatial 3D mosaics at the Musiv-ar17, in Argentina.

Copyrighted Credits to Liliana Waisman 

Liliana Waisman-mosaic-

Liliana Waisman-contemporary-mosaic-art

Liliana Waisman-mosaic-art

Julie Richey

Texas-based artist Julie Richey ( who I admire so much ) is an inspiring powerhouse. Not only is she incredibly clever, she is unbelievably creative. Julie has been involved in the mosaic art form since more than 20 years.

Her 3D mosaics and award-winning sculptures have been exhibited across the US, at the Ravenna Mosaico Festival and at the Orsoni Smalti Veneziani foundry in Venice as part of the Orsoni Grand Prize.

Copyrighted Credits to Julie Richey



Mia Tavonatti

Before earning worldwide acclaim with her nautical and religious mosaic collections, Mia began her journey at a young age, painting with glass. Her intricate stained glass mosaics have interlaced her experience as a visual artist with a passion for high renaissance mosaic art.

She finally gained more mainstream exposure in early 2006, after joining an elite group of artists who are challenged with the task of recording history through art. Over her long career, Mia has exhibited extensively in the Us, Italy, France and Greece.

Copyrighted Credits to Mia Tavonatti



Valeria Ercolani

How could I create a list of 3d mosaic art and not include the Italian artist Valeria Ercolani? A legendary mosaicist, born and educated in Ravenna, she crafts her mosaics in a mixture of flimsy emotions and insightful strength.

Her success led to a collaboration with Marco de Luca and the subsequent conception of her 3d mosaics. From her latest exhibition, in Paray-le-Monial, Valeria unveiled her sculptures alongside her latest mosaic creations.

Copyrighted Credits to Valeria Ercolani




Bruno Zenobio

Italian artist Bruno Zenobio is internationally acclaimed for his vibrant 3D mosaics. Over the years Bruno created several mosaic commissions. Nevertheless, in early 2000s Bruno stopped working on commercial mosaics and turned his focus almost completely on innovative mosaic artworks.

Bruno is known for his numerous participations in art exhibitions, who gained a lot of attention to his latest spectacular mosaic collection.

Copyrighted Credits to Bruno Zenobio



Mikiah Nguyen

Mikiah Nguyen, an Adelaide-based mosaicist who was one of the first Australians to receive the Orsoni Grand Prize in 2014 with “Heteractis Magnifica”, the featured mosaic sculpture made predominantly of Orsoni Smalti.

His 3D mosaics are steeped with inspiration and feature an eclectic mix of contemporary art and abstract shapes with hints of novelty.

Copyrighted Credits to Mikiah Nguyen

Mikiah Nguyen


Mikiah Nguyen-3d-mosaicart

Angela Turner Sanders

Angela Turner is the best thing ever ( not least because her story will inspire you as much as her 3D always simple, minimalistic mosaics.Angela has a long independent profession as a visual artist, she graduated with a BFA in painting and drawing from the San Francisco Art institute.

Intrigued by the prospect of referencing mosaic art in a contemporary way, she began the transition from painting to mosaics.

Copyrighted Credits to Angela Turner Sanders



Nathalie Chaulaic

Nathalie is a HauteGaronne-based artist and mosaicist known to blend aspects of her existence in both its literal and metaphorical meanings to create stunning 3D mosaic artworks. Whether she’s working in two-dimensions or dabbling in installation work, her mosaics are reminiscent of both contemporary art and futurism.

Nathalie is an international award-winning mosaicist and her mosaics are represented in several art galleries throughout Europe.

Copyrighted Credits to Nathalie Chaulaic




Angela Zimek

Angela Zimek’s artworks lie at the intersection between graphic design and mosaic art, challenging contemporary concepts through a traditional medium and an abstract perspective.

Last but not least, like many mosaic artists today, Angela is a revivalist of the art form, digging into the past to unearth and contemporize mosaic art.

Copyrighted Credits to Angela Zimek



Yes, lots of impressive mosaics in this article, right? Which mosaic artist would you most like to meet? Let him/her know in the comment box below!

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