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2018’s Colors That Determine Your Personality

Isn’t it time to look forward to the color trends of the year? 2018 is sure to deliver a combination of colors and hues that you will use to ornament your living spaces. So instead of relying on simple color hues, 2018 will be based on more sophisticated tones.

Let’s start by dividing the colors into three different categories named according to three personality types: Passionate, Peaceful, Pensive and Peculiar. The color you favor the most can give you an indication of your personality type.

The Passionate

This group is defined by people who are emotional and excitable at the same time. They generally tend to be attracted to magentas, scarlet-red, and vermillion.

The scarlet red hue simply echoes the outgoing nature of individuals. So if you favor the featured image below, you are definitely the type who finds a passion for red roses and poppy meadows and fields.

As for deep shades of magenta the colors will look great in your kitchen. Studies have also shown that magenta can stimulate the appetite, which is exactly what you’re going for in your modern eating spaces.

A vermillion setting with a flower mosaic art is great for individuals who enjoy staring at a sunrise or sunset for extended periods of time. This color reflects their adventurous nature and those who are willing to push themselves outside of the known, safe, and predictable to learn more and to take what they’ve learned and applied it in ways that challenge them.

mosaic art

mosaic art

mosaic art

The Pensive

The second group of people is those that can be considered a lil’ bit introverted (like artists, poets visionaries, etc). So if you consider yourself one, you will most likely select pastel colors, like powdery blue, pastel rose and dusted ochre.

Powdery blue can give quite an exquisite appeal when combined with a dark shade of violet like the mosaic art below.

If you want to attract an exclusive feminine flamboyance the pastel rose shade emphasizes a space’s natural light.

As for the dusted ochre, it will bring a fresh appeal to your interior and give any room an infusion of sunny decor.

mosaic art

mosaic art

mosaic art

The Peaceful

Within this classification, Peaceful individuals are those that are usually traditionalists and struggle to step outside their comfort zones. They are those that favor a more classical style of home decor. Colors can include Lavender, Aqua blue, mineral gray and taupe beige.

Of course, the best way to dial up a traditional punch is to use chalky and muted lavender. Nothing signals a more orthodox trait when it comes to style.

As for the aqua blue, the simplicity of this color blend can be quite what a person needs to mix traditional and contemporary style.

While the mineral gray and taupe beige mosaic art can be used to impose a classical feel while staying up-to-date and trendy.

mosaic art

mosaic art

mosaic art

So what personality type are you? Let us know in the comment box below.

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