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16 Unusual Ways to Install Mosaics

Updating and refreshing your home’s style is always a favorite topic here on our blog. This week, we’ll explore some of the most unusual ways to install mosaics. These ideas are taken from actual installations from Mosaico customers. We’ve been wowed by their innovative takes on incorporating mosaic art into their lives – see what you think! 

1- Courtyard Starburst Mosaic

Source: Mozaico

In this picture-perfect courtyard, a marble wall mosaic provides a stunning focal point. This installation is part of a custom wall and water feature. Smaller blocks radiate around the mosaic medallion, framing it above the white brickwork. Laying bricks on the diagonal creates a subtle centering effect, and echoes the pattern in the surrounding patio. The lesson here? Don’t be constrained by existing walls – Mosaic art can go above and outside existing elements with the right backing material.

2- Arched Doorway with Palm Tree Border

Source: Mozaico

Forget traditional wood framing or paint – using a customized marble mosaic border is a winning idea! Rather than leaving this stunning open arched doorway plain, these customers ordered up a bespoke accent. It’s easy to do: By using your specific template, even odd and offbeat shapes can be created by our design team and artists!

3- Aquatic Column

Source: Mozaico

By cleverly using the shape of this column, these homeowners recreated the feel of an aquarium visit ! When non-traditional wall shapes are part of a home, design options can be limited. Hanging art can be both challenging and frustrating. However, this glass mosaic piece was custom-sized to fit the column. The shimmering mosaic tiles and cool underwater ocean scenes are easy to care for and blend beautifully with nearby fish tanks.

4-Upscale Wine Storage

Source: Mozaico

Adding a duo of wine-related mosaic designs to this wine closet was an inspired choice for these homeowners! And, why shouldn’t a key part of fine dining and festive occasions be elevated with special art? Tucking a reminder of the Tuscan vineyards and favorite vintages into this space adds a bit of la dolce vita to every visit.

5- Look Up for Inspiration

Source: Mozaico

It was a pity to let this wonderful crystal chandelier languish on a plain ceiling. Fortunately, these clever homeowners remembered that mosaic ceiling art can be the ideal frame! No boring plaster here – the marble floral bouquet adds just the right color accent. Drawing color inspiration from the room furnishings, this addition is so polished. That’s right – designs like these can go anywhere – even upside down.

6- The Ideal Martini – Poolside

Source: Mozaico

Plain marble tiles on a pool’s water feature are fine – but why not bring the beauty of mosaic art to your outdoor lifestyle? This custom piece was designed to match the surrounding marble perfectly. If you’re on the fence about how mosaic designs like this can change the entire look of your swimming pool area, don’t hesitate. We can create mosaic designs to any dimensions, allowing you to add or replace sections with color and beauty.

7- One Inspired Inset

Source: Mozaico

Looking for just the right accent over a bar? Check out this inset idea! Colorful references to the Tuscan wine industry fill a brick arch, with amazing results. Using durable tile instead of a painting assures that this art will always stay bright and easy to care for. This type of mosaic art treatment can work anywhere: Imagine a similar shape over your home’s entry, for example. Custom shapes are not a problem: Our designers can ensure that even the smallest corners of an inset like this will be filled.

8- Elevated Garden Paver Accents

Source: Mozaico

Achieving a classic, formal garden space relies on geometry and restraint. Here, a Roman-style medallion sets the stage for a stunning outdoor experience. The simple addition of one gorgeous piece of mosaic art shows that even singular touches of color can elevate the scene. This is an easy project to undertake yourself: Simply explore our wide range of medallions in our catalog, and order it to the correct size. Installation is simple and rewarding. 

9- In the Pool: Classically Inspired Medallions

Source: Mozaico

Mosaic art is always an outstanding choice for swimming pools, where it adds interest and beauty to otherwise empty expanses. Here’s a great example: This classically-inspired medallion features cavorting fish and rolling waves. The geometric borders echo the pool tile, while the colors blend with the blue water, pool decor, and deck. Perfect color matches like this aren’t impossible with custom mosaic art – our team can modify any design to your preference.

10- Smooth Stone Surroundings

Source: Mozaico

The smooth appeal of this compass design is clearly relished by this home’s residents. The innovative choices of the flooring are part of what makes this so special. The natural stone slabs are a sleek reminder of the outdoors, while the inset mosaic suggests future adventures in the wilderness. Dropping the mosaic art into the mortar provides a loose, more casual feel.

11- Going Wall to Wall

Source: Mozaico

Taking a mosaic design oversized and dramatic is one way to take bathrooms to “WOW” levels. The same durable, easy-to-clean qualities that make mosaic wall art great for showers can also be used for the entire room. Here, the homeowners took our spectacular floral art to gigantic proportions, creating a memorable oasis with definite spa vibes. We can help you achieve the same effect with any of our designs- just contact us

12- Stone-Framed Garden Marker

Source: Mozaico

Nothing fishy about this idea! Framing one of our fish mosaic art designs with natural stones makes this garden ornamentation flow into the walls of the flower bed. The marker-style placement ensures that this piece gets the attention it deserves. The customized color scheme of this particular fish is also worth noting.

13- Perfect Accent Table

Source: Mozaico

Turning a plain table into a work of art is one of our favorite uses of mosaic! This is a project that’s particularly satisfying as a DIY. Here’s the secret: Just let us know the table dimensions, and we can custom-size the mosaic to fit. The end result is a piece of furniture that can withstand anything guests can throw at it – and an enviable accent when it’s not in use. Check out some of our medallion designs for inspiration – you surely have just the right spot for a piece of movable art!

14- Dressed-Up Stairs

Source: Mozaico

Often overlooked, stair risers are a great place for a bit of mosaic art. It’s a subtle way to add pops of color, coordinate a room, or even add vertical interest in a space. Another big benefit? Tough mosaic tiles are impervious to hits from shoes – resisting scuffs, dirt, and moisture. Qualities like these are why we recommend our mosaic rugs for both indoor and outdoor use. Our large selection of borders holds many ideas for this unusual treatment. 

15- The Perfect Bar Guest

Source: Mozaico

Even home bars can be subject to some pretty harsh conditions: spilled drinks, clumsy feet, even an occasional broken glass. Furthermore, bar fronts tend to be a big empty space, devoid of personality. These homeowners framed in a piece of marble mosaic wall art to create a dramatic – but practical focal point. “Just look for the Lady in Red”, you can tell your guests!

16- Surround a Fireplace With Elegance

Source: Mozaico

Wrapping a fireplace with a well-chosen mosaic art design provides year-round elegance. As they tend to become a focal point in the room, their look becomes a strong influence on other furnishings. Here, the Swan design has been split in half, providing a pleasingly symmetrical accent to the surround. Even without a fire, this focal point will shine at any time. Also up for some mosaic art accents? Mantel edges and hearth areas.

Have you used one of our designs in your own home, business, or outdoor space? We’d love to share your innovative ideas with our customers! Let us know in the comments.



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